A guide to onboard Security Information and Event Management in your Organization

If your business is like most, you are collecting logs from almost every device with security relevance. The flood of events is probably more than any human can alone correlate. This is the role of the Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) system.

When Protection Fails, Forensics can still win the game

The business is being disrupted by artificial intelligence (AI), security orchestration, and the Internet of Things. Many analysts also foresee an environment where computers and IoT devices replace robots for employees. Nevertheless, most futurists believe that technology will only grow to a virtual assistant’s level. Tasks will be split between artificial intelligence and human intelligence,…

Application Performance Monitoring

Why Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is Vital for a Business of all the tools at an IT department’s disposal, application performance monitoring (APM) can have the most impact on an organization’s bottom line. Why? Because the right APM can proactively identify and address performance issues before they cause response time delays, impact employee productivity and…


With the cyber world dominating our lives, cyberattacks represent a serious concern for organizations worldwide. Damage caused is not just limited to data (both personal and financial) but money, productivity and intellectual property as well. Global organizations worldwide will spend $101.6 billion annually on cyber security software, hardware and services by 2020 compared with spending…

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