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The cybersecurity industry’s response has been a plea to embrace Zero Trust Security, which means that anything attempting to connect to an organization’s systems without authentication should be distrusted. We recently successfully relocated 80 percent of our global workforce to work securely from home. The Mindfire Cyber security services plan was to transition to remote working by design, securing it at scale and in the long run.

Mindfire Cybersecurity provides unique data, technology, and insights to assist our customers in staying ahead of increasingly complex risk, governance, and growth demands. Mindfire Cybersecurity provides a significant business edge by allowing for faster, better, and more long-term decision making. Mindfire Cybersecurity creates value and impact toolbox for our customers with hundreds of professionals. UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, Mindfire is leading company in middle east providing extensive cyber security services.

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There are complicated and widespread interactions involving people, applications, and data as innovation accelerates and the globe becomes increasingly connected. As a result, businesses are vulnerable to fatal, complex, and indiscriminate cyberattacks that are difficult to defend against. It is critical to expedite the cyber defence mechanism by integrating our best cyber security services and expertise into your technology architecture and building resilience and an organizational-wide security mentality at every stage of your business lifecycle. The necessity of the hour is to integrate security into your enterprise fabric, increase cyber programme resilience and scale, and secure the future.

Mindfire Secure by Design: We help businesses become “Secure by Design” by instilling a secure-by-design attitude and implementing these principles at every stage of the business lifecycle, resulting in increased visibility of security threats, impact and resolution, and reduced risks.

Mindfire Secure by Scale: We’re dedicated to establishing a resilient cyber security services programme and encouraging our customers to operate at scale while improving operational efficiency and lowering expenses. Our proven investments in global security operation centres, an AI and machine learning-based integrated cybersecurity platform, and partnerships with universities at the forefront of cybersecurity research and skill development allow us to reduce costs and expand reach, resulting in ‘Secure by Scale.’

Mindfire Secure the Future

We help enterprises ‘Secure the Future’ by continuously adopting newer technologies and keeping pace with changing times, thus innovating faster, and delivering value. Our clients have access to advanced threat-hunting capabilities, deep analytics and correlation, malware analysis and the latest in technology innovations incubated in the Mindfire Security R&D Labs.

Guided by our principles, we are committed towards building a holistic security program with our suite of service offerings, that follows a 4D approach of Diagnose-Design-Deliver Defend

Identity | Best cyber security services company in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.


We assess and analyze your cybersecurity maturity across the enterprise Assess | Analyze | Advise

Detect | Best cyber security services company in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.


We design a scalable and future ready cybersecurity suite for implementing a comprehensive security strategy

Protect | Cyber Security Services


We transform, automate, and orchestrate across infrastructure, data, and applications from on-premises to cloud

Protect | Cyber Security Services Company


We help govern, operate, monitor, detect, and respond to attacks Operate | Respond | Govern


Mindfire End-to-end cyber risk services

We assist clients with litigation support, such as expert witness services; managed detection and response services for both current threats and as a component of network security; and proactive services, such as risk assessments, reaction planning, tabletop exercises, and more.

Our professionals can provide important leadership at every point in the cyber security continuum, thanks to their years of public and private sector expertise as well as law enforcement service.

Our managed detection and response service, Mindfire Cybersecurity Cyborg, allows Mindfire Cybersecurity experts to provide best-in-class endpoint security. With 24×7 managed detection and response services fuelled by threat hunting and exceptional incident response, Mindfire Cybersecurity Cyborg takes care of everything.

From start to finish, the Mindfire Cybersecurity collaborative team culture guarantees you benefit from the most up-to-date threat intelligence, best practises, and technical breakthroughs. Mindfire Cybersecurity is also a preferred/approved provider for cyber insurance companies, with client-friendly retainers that include both incident response and preventative services.

Mindfire Cybersecurity is available to assist you at any time. Use the links on this page to learn more about our services or contact a Mindfire Cybersecurity specialist today by calling our 24-hour cyber incident hotlines or filling out our contact form.

Cyber Governance and Risks

Manage cyber risk and information security governance issues with Mindfire Cybersecurity’s defensible cyber security strategy framework..


Incident Response

The elite security leaders at Mindfire Cybersecurity respond quickly to hundreds of incidents each year and have the resources and knowledge to handle the whole incident lifecycle, including legal demands. In a crisis, find peace of mind..


System Assesment

The cyber security assessment and testing solutions from Mindfire Cybersecurity have been used to discover, evaluate, and prioritise risks to people, data, operations, and technologies all around the world..


Managed Security Services

Your information is part of a complex ecosystem that includes technology, software, business processes, and human contact. With Mindfire Cybersecurity’s managed security services are fuelled by regionally renowned cyber investigators..


Partners and Solutions

Our services cover the full spectrum of needs, from strategy to service management, network transformation to workplace solutions, and more.

Application Security

Discover and monitor your most sensitive data sources across hybrid cloud environments. Simplify compliance through automation.

Data Security

Discover and monitor your most sensitive data sources across hybrid cloud environments. Simplify compliance through automation.