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    Cyber Defense Center

    24×7 Cyber Defense Center Operating from Dubai Internet City
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    Cybersecurity Thoughts

    Discover our latest thinking on cybersecurity, threat intelligence and related careers.

    Overview of Top Mobile Security Threats in 2022

    Your smartphone is your daily companion. The chances are that most of our activities rely on them, from ordering food to booking medical appointments. However, the threat landscape always reminds us how vulnerable smartphones can be. Consider the recent discovery by Oversecured, a security startup. These experts observed the dynamic code loading and its potential…

    Check Point Software acquires Dome9 to beef up multi-cloud options

    The Israel-based cyber security firm Check Point Software acquired compatriot Dome9 with multi-cloud capability which offers a SaaS platform that aims to visualize organizations’ security postures in the public cloud. Companies can have verifiable infrastructure security for every public cloud, including the behemoths of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. This shall enhance the ability…

    Unpatched Remote Hacking Flaw Disclosed in Fortinets FortiWeb WAF

    Details have emerged about a new unpatched security vulnerability in Fortinet’s web application firewall (WAF) appliances that could be abused by a remote, authenticated attacker to execute malicious commands on the system. “An OS command injection vulnerability in FortiWeb’s management interface (version 6.3.11 and prior) can allow a remote, authenticated attacker to execute arbitrary commands…