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    Cyber Defense Center

    24×7 Cyber Defense Center Operating from Dubai Internet City
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    Cybersecurity Thoughts

    Discover our latest thinking on cybersecurity, threat intelligence and related careers.

    Check Point Software acquires Dome9 to beef up multi-cloud options

    The Israel-based cyber security firm Check Point Software acquired compatriot Dome9 with multi-cloud capability which offers a SaaS platform that aims to visualize organizations’ security postures in the public cloud. Companies can have verifiable infrastructure security for every public cloud, including the behemoths of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. This shall enhance the ability…

    A guide to onboard Security Information and Event Management in your Organization

    If your business is like most, you are collecting logs from almost every device with security relevance. The flood of events is probably more than any human can alone correlate. This is the role of the Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) system.

    Digitalization without Cyber Security

    In October 2018, Siemens founded a global cyber security Organization which was under the leadership of Natalia Oropeza. It protects IT, OT and all the products based of Siemens.