A guide to onboard Security Information and Event Management in your Organization

If your business is like most, you are collecting logs from almost every device with security relevance. The flood of events is probably more than any human can alone correlate. This is the role of the Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) system.

When Protection Fails, Forensics can still win the game

The business is being disrupted by artificial intelligence (AI), security orchestration, and the Internet of Things. Many analysts also foresee an environment where computers and IoT devices replace robots for employees. Nevertheless, most futurists believe that technology will only grow to a virtual assistant’s level. Tasks will be split between artificial intelligence and human intelligence,…

Drones are capable to capture your communications!

Drones Communications Protecting high classified data’s have become one of the biggest challenges for Organizations around the world, Particularly in the digitization era. Critical IT assets remain extremely vulnerable as data-thefts are rising. Your vital information stored on various servers is the most yearned ‘commodity’ in cyberspace. Even if the slightest of the data are…

2019 The Year of Cyber Crime

The major cyber crimes from ransomware attacks, Supply chain hacks and evolving tensions with Iran. Since the beginning of 2019, there were news about data breaches, supply chain manipulations, state-breached hacking campaigns and harbingers of cyber war. It seems like the worst is yet to come on 2019. We all are quite familiar with the…

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