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Incident Response and Litigation Support

The elite security leaders at Mindfire Cybersecurity respond quickly to hundreds of incidents each year and have the resources and knowledge to handle the whole incident lifecycle, including legal demands. In a crisis, find peace of mind.

Mindfire Cybersecurity has the experience and resources (human and technological) to move rapidly, distinguish, isolate, and safeguard valuable pertinent data, and examine the digital trail, wherever it may go, regardless of the type of data loss or criminality. In the event of malicious insiders, for example, we can combine computer forensic knowledge with standard investigative methodology, like as interviews and surveillance, to retrace the activity of people who may have had access to protected or private information. In the event of a cyber-attack such as malware, ransomware, or a data breach.

Scalable, Litigation Support Services with Speed, Accuracy, and Insight

Mindfire Cybersecurity’s litigation support services team is uniquely positioned to work in tandem with our incident responders to optimize the investigation process and deliver case changing insights. Our team stands ready to expedite data collection, either remotely or onsite, to minimize disruption to your operations and deliver insight for nuanced decision making.

Unique Threat Intelligence Experience and Unrivalled Expertise

Mindfire Cybersecurity experts have unique experience from former service with the leading investigation agencies regionally. Our cadre of experts also hold more than 100 types of industry certifications, including CIPP/US, CRISC, CISA, CISM, CISSP, CPP, GCIH, GREM, GNFA, GPEN, MCP, MCSE, PCI, PMP, QSA, and CEH.

Incident Response Retainers Deliver Peace of Mind and Maximum Value

Mindfire Cybersecurity also offers several incident response retainers that are designed to offer maximum flexibility and include an array of proactive services that ensure you get tangible value. With increasing privacy and consumer protection laws mandating timely response and notification, you gain peace of mind knowing Mindfire Cybersecurity’s global resources are readily available in a crisis and can leverage our expertise and end-to-end services to strengthen your overall cyber resiliency.

Enabling Diligent, Seamless Response Worldwide

Cyber Insurance Preferred Partner

Mindfire Cybersecurity has a dedicated team for insurance and legal channels, with extensive relationships with leading cyber insurance brokers and carriers worldwide and exclusive benefits to insureds.

Enabling Diligent, Seamless Response Worldwide

Mindfire Cybersecurity’s cybercrime investigation experts reflect our multidisciplinary team approach to problem-solving and leadership. In the event of litigation or regulatory action, we can work closely with general counsel, senior executives, audit committees or outside counsel at each stage to explicate forensics data and assure your objectives are met. If requested, we can assemble a case file for a referral to a regulator or law enforcement agency or serve as expert witnesses.

Mindfire Cybersecurity Cyber Incident Response and Litigation Support Below are a select few of our services available to support incident response and cyber investigations:

24x7 Incident Response

Whether your incident is the result of a malicious hacker or accidental exposure by an employee, Mindfire Cybersecurity can help. Our global network of certified security and digital forensic experts can deploy remote solutions quickly and/or be onsite within hours to help you contain the situation and determine next steps.

Digital Forensics

Mindfire Cybersecurity’s computer forensics experts help ensure no digital evidence is overlooked and assist at any stage of a digital forensics’ investigation or litigation, regardless of the number or location of data sources.

Cyber Litigation Support

If you need to respond to an investigatory matter, forensic discovery demand or information security incident, Mindfire Cybersecurity’s forensic engineers can help you win cases and mitigate losses. Many of our experts have considerable expert testimony experience in presenting findings to judges, juries, and arbitrators, with many having served as special masters at the court’s appointment.

PCI Forensic Investigator

Mindfire Cybersecurity’s PCI forensic investigators (PFIs) will help determine if, when and/or how cardholder data compromise may have occurred, using proven investigative methodologies and tools. Our PFI investigators can also conduct PCI Security Standard Council-mandated investigations.

Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis

Our experienced experts use advanced forensic software and protocols to collect and preserve data collection from every aspect of your digital environment—servers to laptops to smartphones. We handle evidence with proven, forensically sound methodology, using data recovery tools and processes that are supported by case law.

Malware and Advanced Persistent Threat Detection

Mindfire Cybersecurity’s specially trained information security consultants and network forensic analysts perform live system memory and forensic analysis on continually evolving malware. We are also experienced in determining the scope and intent of advanced persistent threats so you can launch a more targeted and effective response. Incident Response Threat Simulations

More Solutions

Many more solutions are available, use the links on this page to explore them further or speak to a Mindfire Cybersecurity l expert today via our 24x7 cyber incident hotlines or our contact page.

Key Areas

  • Data Collection and Preservation
  • Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis
  • Malware and Advanced Persistent Threat Detection
  • PHI and PII Identification
  • Payment Card Industry Services

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