There is no Digitalization without Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks can cause a lot of damage such as espionage, blackmail attempts and machine failure.

In October 2018, Siemens founded a global cyber security Organization which was under the leadership of Natalia Oropeza. It protects IT, OT and all the products based of Siemens.

The company has a expansion of 1300 cyber security experts, ranging from the energy sector, Industrial sector, Infrastructure and Health care.

Cyber security is one of the most important technologies of the Siemens.
Siemens has enabled a holistic cyber security strategy that benefits the customers.

Years of Hard work

The success for this strategy is decades of expertise, high- tech solutions and a global network of cyber security solutions who work closely together.

The different skills, experience and the perspective of the company has helped in tackling challenges of cyber threats.

Therefore, a first, on a single day in May 2019 all of Siemens’ cyber security experts from IT, OT and product security were invited to discuss current developments in the fields of cyber security, exchange ideas and define the next milestones in cyber security at Siemens.

Instead of meeting in a single conference hotel, though, they gathered at three Siemens locations around the world – first in the morning in Beijing, then after central European breakfast time in Munich and finally, also in the morning hours, in Chicago.

Each had its own presenter, each had speakers whose presentations were broadcast live via video, and for a panel discussion expert in all three cities were able to exchange ideas virtually.

Those who couldn’t make to any places participated in other Siemens locations. Since, there were Participants from China, Europe and North America, it was a good opportunity to exchange the ideas with each other.

The types of cyber threats and necessary threats are similar in Siemens security.

With the growth and expansion of cyber security, it will create more awareness about cyber security among the Managers.

Last but not the least, Cyber security conferences will be held more in the future, as due to the increase in Attacks and the devices these days being more digitally advanced.

The Global expertise in cyber security has been a big boon for all of us.
As we are well aware of the challenges we will face in the future and protects our customers against cyber threats.


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