It is very shocking to know that the cyber criminals have not spared the education sectors from their target zone.

Few months back there was a cyber crime incident, where the hackers were suspected to be from Iran. The education sectors and the universities became the victims of malicious attacks.

It was also found that more than 8,000 credentials and student information out of 10,000 were compromised during this incident.

According to the Investigation, more than $3 billion intellectual property was manhandled by the malefactors.


The hackers had hacked the personal details of the students enrolled in the university.

They exploited the data of the HOD, Professors, admin officers and other university affiliates.

The hackers worked in multiple groups to breach the data.

The Investigators found that the Institute networks were never monitored by any security software, which led to more of trouble in the case.

The unraveling

This incident became an eye- opener to other educational institutions, and they started taking measures on network security systems. Stealing student records is the most awful crime throughout the world.

Universities generally keep all the personal information’s of the data of the students.

Therefore, there should be a network monitoring system, which keeps an eye on all the data’s and monitors the entire system of the organization and keeps a track on it.

With proper network monitoring system, the system admin can receive an alert notification if any suspicious behavior is observed.

Also, proper user authentication process can ensure comprehensive security to the institute’s network infrastructure.


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