Drones Communications

Protecting high classified data’s have become one of the biggest challenges for Organizations around the world, Particularly in the digitization era. Critical IT assets remain extremely vulnerable as data-thefts are rising. Your vital information stored on various servers is the most yearned ‘commodity’ in cyberspace.

Even if the slightest of the data are leaked which leads to huge loss of the business Organizations.

The crucial information’s is a major risk for internal and external Organization, that look to breach our data base and email servers.

They have a major threat for the email servers.

Do you know that the Drones (UAVs) which helps us in assessing weather conditions and security Inspections can also capture your communication?

Drones have the power and accessibility to capture data’s and communications.

The cyber security experts have discovered that hackers can misuse a flying UAV by buzzing an office building. They can also intercept the communications. The drones are designed in such a way that it is capable of attacking WIFI and other wireless networks.

With the increase in the expansion and growth of the companies, the cyber attacks are also being more efficient.

However, it is the responsibility of the companies to take effective measures in preventing the attacks, which will depend upon the level of preparation and also having an effective cyber security solution.

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