Introduction to SIEM

Introduction to SIEM. Everything you wanted to know about Log Management As more businesses operate online, it’s increasingly important to incorporate cyber security tools and threat detection to prevent downtime. SIEM tools are an important part of the data security ecosystem: they aggregate data from multiple systems and analyze that data to catch abnormal behavior…

Insider Threat

Cyber security threats that originate from within your own company are classified as Insider threats. These aren’t easily detectable as anyone with an authentic access to your network, can pose as a threat. They might be from the people whom we trust. It might be an existing employee or an ex-employee, a vendor, direct and…

Cognitive Security AI Driven Cyber Security

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) collectively refers to a set of intuitive technologies like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and data science. These technologies are capable of performing tasks usually attributed to humans, emulating cognitive abilities like learning from experience and using it to consistently improve performance. With AI constantly evolving and acquiring advanced…

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