Cloud Infrastructure to drive UAE Cloud Computing Market

The UAE cloud market is still in early stages of adoption with the implementation of private Infrastructure-as-a-service (laas) viewed by many as a critical first step towards broader cloud adoption. The biggest challenges to cloud adoption are data privacy concerns, compliance, regulatory issues and infrastructure integration problems. Today, many countries in the region have data…

Cryptojacking on the rise

There is a new kind of malware threat out there. It doesn’t encrypt your files, delete your data, steal your information or even deface your website but it steals your computing power and electricity to make money for your attacker. This is called Cryptojacking. First let’s understand what Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency mining is. In simple…

Oracle opens first innovation hub with a focus on AI

Oracle has opened it first innovation lab in UAE with focus on Artificial Intelligence solutions. Oracle has named the new facility “Zayed Innovation Hub” and it was inaugurated by Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence. The innovation lab represents Oracle’s commitment to the region’s strive for technical innovation and focuses on…

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