Machine Learning for a Future-Facing ZTS Revolution

Zero-Trust Security is a cutting-edge technology that starts with Next-Gen Access and enables user verification and device validation, limited access, and provision to learn and adapt. Machine learning is integral to this spearheading security as it quickly detects anomalies while ensuring superior user experience. A risk-based security strategy, instead of compliance strategy, is the key…

Internet of Thing Under Attack

2017 was an eventful year in the world of Internet Thing Under Attack, unfortunately not for good reasons. It marked the first time a large scale cyber security attack was carried out in the form of the Mirai Malware, which recruited IoT devices into a network botnet that was used to create large-scale, disruptive denial-of-…

Understanding Cybersecurity at the Corporate level

Cyber Security is evolving to be priority for any organization and the corporate establishment are feeling the heat. Let’s understand who does what in cyber security services at the corporate level. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) The CISO is responsible for all security programs and policies. More CISOs report to the CEO but its most…

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