The real struggle is when you start browsing after getting connected to a free Wi-Fi with a buffering one dot signal strength and loses it when you move an inch. But not anymore!

Spotty internet connection will not come on your way of trouble-free browsing. The vanguard of futuristic development and the pioneering tech giant, Google has instigated a striking innovation in the Chrome offline mode for Android users. With this trailblazing initiative, it is possible to browse the web even if the user is deprived of constant internet connection. As per the blogpost of Amanda Boss, the Product Manager of Google, “when you're connected to free and unmetered Wi-Fi, Chrome will automatically download relevant articles, based on what content is most popular in your location”.

It enables the user to access the content at any point of time even if he loses the internet connection. The users who are signed into Chrome can gain access to significant articles based on the browsing history and it is available without the internet connection. However, it would be difficult to maintain the access if the user spends day without internet connectivity. Nevertheless, this impressive feature is instrumental in bringing the idea of ‘web for everyone’ into practice and ensures a smooth internet experience.

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