The United Arab Emirates is renowned as the pathfinders of avant-garde technologies in the world. In a recent report by Euler Hermes titled ‘The Enabling Digitilisation Index: Which countries are digital friendly’, UAE occupied the first position in the Middle East region and 24th in the world. According to Mahamoud Islam, the senior economist for Asia of Euler Hermes, the UAE pinnacled the top position because of its “impressive trade infrastructure coupled with a supportive business environment”.

The sub-indexes that the UAE scored the most are infrastructure (88 points), regulations (86 points), knowledge (69.5 points) and connectivity (63.7 points). The UAE achieved a grand total of 61.8, surpassing countries like Spain, Italy, Malaysia, India and Russia. The other notable countries are Qatar at 33rd position, Saudi Arabia 50th, Oman 53rd, Jordan 64th and Kuwait at 65th, globally.

The factors like political and social stability, cultural integration, designated free zones that gives advantages for the companies, excellent infrastructure, easy and supportive policies, speedy execution of legal and regulatory formalities, makes UAE the invincible trailblazers in the digital world. Since the UAE is home to people from various parts of the world, the framework of demands, trends and consumption varies, which keeps the market vibrant all the time.

The digital dexterity of the country is rapidly evolving with experimentation and adaptation of the groundbreaking technologies like cloud computing, social media, Big Data, mobile computing, artificial intelligence, advanced digital security etc. The acknowledgement of UAE as the best digital friendly country is yet another feather to the crown for UAE that looks ahead of times.


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