The development of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is creating excitement in the cyber security sector offering potentially huge benefits by supporting information security professionals and enabling the development of automated and intelligent technologies. However, the development of cyber security artificial intelligence and intelligent technologies will also create new risks, threats and challenges around control and security. With the implementation of AI systems into the mix can serve as a real turning point. These systems come with a number of substantial benefits that will help prepare cyber security professionals for taking on cyber-attacks and safeguarding the enterprise.

New AI algorithms use Machine Learning (ML) to adapt over time. New generations of malware and cyber-attacks can be difficult to detect with conventional cyber security protocols. They evolve over time, so more dynamic approaches are necessary. Cyber security solutions that rely on ML use data from prior cyber-attacks to respond to newer but somewhat similar risk. Another great benefit of Artificial Intelligence systems in cyber security is that they will free up an enormous amount of time for tech employees. AI is most commonly used to detect simple threats and attacks. Another way AI systems can help is by categorizing attacks based on threat level. Artificial Intelligence systems that directly handle threats on their own do so according to a standardized procedure or playbook. Rather than the variability that comes with a human touch, AI systems don’t make mistakes in performing their function. As such, each threat is responded to in the most effective and proper way. Unfortunately, there will always be limits of AI.

In future AI systems can help address many problems and ultimately give your business an advantage when facing a cyber-attack. Cyber security solutions that rely on AI can use existing data to handle new generations of malware and cyber security attacks.

The integration of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities is widely perceived as critical for business success in the coming years and although this technology is poised to offer breakthrough possibilities to business leaders, cyber security artificial intelligence also brings with it widespread uncertainty with respect to the impact on jobs.

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