Solution Overview

CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 lets you perform full or granular backups of multiple Office 365 mailboxes and public folders directly to your local drives.

Brick-level storage and advanced search options, enables to back up and restore entire mailboxes or selected types of data - from email folders, calendars or contacts to individual items like single messages or attachments.

Support for SharePoint and OneDrive is also in the roadmap to be released soon.

Key features

Back up Office 365 mailboxes

Back up Office 365 mailboxesCreate offline backup copies of your Office 365 mailboxes and save them to local storages in your company. Run automatic incremental backups to keep users’ mailbox copies up to date. Store them as long as you need and restore them easily, should a need arise.

Back up Office 365 public folders

Back up Office 365 public foldersEasily back up the content of public folders in your Office 365 environment to stay assured that no important data is lost permanently

Back up SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business (coming soon!)

Back up SharePoint Online and OneDrive for BusinessSoon the program will also allow you to automatically create backup copies of SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business data. This feature adds an additional layer of protection to secure entire site collections, lists, libraries or single files your teams collaborate on.

Continuous incremental backup

Continuous incremental backupCreate a one-time backup job or set the program to perform continuous incremental backups of your mailboxes and/or public folders. All backup jobs work in the background.

Mailbox and public folders data safety

Mailbox and public folders data safetyDon't keep all eggs in one basket. CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 lets you create backup copies of cloud-based mailboxes and public folders and save them locally. All backups can then be browsed offline or restored to the Cloud, if needed.

Cloud backup and storage on VM

Cloud backup and storage on VMThe possibility to install the program on a virtual machine hosted in the cloud (for example Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine) allows you to keep the copy of your Office 365 data online. Manage your backup jobs and data from any PC with access to the Internet.

Backup on demand or schedule automatic backups

Backup on demand or schedule automatic backupsLaunch one-time backup jobs whenever you need or set up the program to run automatic backups. Set activity periods using the built-in scheduler.

Central management

Central managementManage all users' mailbox and public folders backup copies from one place. Create backup jobs for the entire Office 365 tenant or selected mailboxes and/or public folders only. Browse and restore all offline backup copies without logging in to user accounts.

Unlimited data retention and full control

Unlimited data retention and full controlStore your backup data as long as you need. Since CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 saves backup copies to your local storages, you don’t have to worry about the retention policy anymore. You store your own data and it is you who decides how long it should be kept on your drives.

Exporting to PST and automatic archiving

Exporting to PST and automatic archivingSecure your backups by creating jobs that recurringly archive your storages or export the storage contents to PST files. Combine the archiving feature with a smart storage retention policy to control the disk space consumed by your backups

Brick-level backup

Brick-level backupPerform multiple- or single-tenant backups, download selected scopes of mailboxes and folders, and specify time range and item type conditions. Browsing backup copies and previewing selected folders or items is now a breeze.

Granular recovery

Granular recoveryRestore full mailboxes, selected folders or particular items only. Backup copies are saved in chronologically ordered versions, each of which can be restored easily whenever you need.

Browse versions, search for items

Browse versions, search for itemsEasily browse through backup copies in search for particular folders or items. Locate data using search filter criteria such as keywords, time frames, sender’s properties, etc

Restore even to other mailboxes or Office 365 plans

Restore even to other mailboxes or Office 365 plansThe backed up data doesn’t have to be restored to the original location. CodeTwo Backup lets you recover items to mailboxes of different users or even to other Office 365 tenants.

Support for all item types

Support for all item typesAll item types are supported during backup and restore jobs. You can also exclude selected folder types from being backed up, e.g. Deleted Items or Junk E-mail.

Deploy on a physical or virtual machine

Deploy on a physical or virtual machineInstall CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 on either a physical or virtual Windows-based machine. Decide for yourself where you want to run the program and keep your backed-up data.

No impact on users

No impact on usersThe backup process is invisible to users and has absolutely no impact on their Office 365 service availability or mailbox performance.

Compliance with legal requirements

Compliance with legal requirementsSome legal acts impose the duty of maintenance of electronic data for a certain period of time so that an organization can submit them at any time, if requested. CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 will help you to comply with the law.


Test it for free with Mindfire

CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 can be tested for free for 30 days. During this period, you can launch fully functional backup jobs, however, the data restore functionality will be limited to 5 items per folder only.

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