“Cloud Native” is a term you might have across in the recent past and is transforming the IT field as we know it. Cloud Native Computing can be described as any application, architectures, platforms and processes that work toward increasing IT’s ability to change and reduce unpredictability. IT sector should embrace cloud computing to achieve efficiency, speed, lower costs and generally better responsiveness to users and business goals.

Recently a cloud management platform has collected and analyzed a ton of user data to give a good picture of how enterprise IT teams are using the cloud. The findings reflect the bias toward AWS, still the public cloud market leader. According to the data, 85% of cloud spending goes toward four main AWS services: EC2, EBS, RDS and S3. At the same time, only 10% of all workloads are estimated to have moved to cloud. Some of the more advanced AWS components, like Redshift and Elastic Cache, are experiencing the fastest rates of growth. And AWS cloud users are starting to use the cloud’s compute resources more efficiently, so that spending per CPU hour is lower; CPU hours used grew 84% while the spend only increased 35%. Nice work, IT!

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