Transfiguring finance in the technological era, the Bitcoin crypto currency has made its way into flourishing as a major mode of transaction for investors and new industries. In fact, it has become a burgeoning method of exchange of money in the housing industry. After its foundation as an open source software, BitCoin, went on to become the first ever digital currency in the world.

It uses cryptography techniques for carrying out transactions by recording it with the public ledger ‘blockchain’ and without being dependent on a central bank. Many real estate brokers have acknowledged BitCoin as an effective way for payment. Nevertheless, as sophisticated as it seems, BitCoin needs to be backed with tremendous technological enhancements in order to be established as a reliable and unimpeachable universal currency.

So, would BitCoin be the definitive asset for future houses or will it resort to something meritless, is a question for the near future to decide.

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