Securing Identities, Access, Devices and Data Globally

Our simple but effective approach to securing identities, access, devices and data globally maximises protection and defence of vital business assets. Powerful Identity and Access Management combined with deep Data Loss Prevention brought together under the SecureIdentity & Protection Suite.

One Identity

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Platform

Making the complex simple. Effective, secure Identity and Access Management for all your business challenges.

A complete IAM solution that delivers effective security, simply

  • Designed with ease of use for the user and the team managing IAM in mind. SecurEnvoy IAM provides Single Sign On, Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, Access Management and User Life Cycle management.
  • Delivers effortless onboarding, user interaction and administration.
  • Active identity database supported by a robust, fully integrated Universal Directory (UD) as the Single Source of Truth (SSOT).
  • Underpinned by IRAD our AI/machine learning intelligent reporting and anomaly detection.

Simple & effective Security Management in a single pane of glass view

The SecurEnvoy IAM platform delivers what your team needs, simply and effectively, removing workload and providing the tools you need in a single pane of glass view.

  • Increases security while reducing the time taken to manage complex environments
  • Simplifies how you manage user access
  • Dynamically enforces access decisions around devices, applications and data repositories
  • Logs all events for instant forensic traceability of all actions

Unobtrusive user-friendly security that protects without interfering

Effective and unobtrusive security allows users to get on with their business lives. It reduces the need for multiple passwords and logons with Single Sign On (SSO) and provides easy-to-use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with a comprehensive range of devices and access methods. Adaptive Authentication takes MFA and SSO to the next level, recognising the user’s device and applications they can access, without the need to authenticate again.

Identity Access Management Lifecycle. Stay on top of every move and action

Simple and automated provisioning and de-provisioning of users reducing management time consumed.

Quickly add or remove users to defined groups.

Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions (MFA)

For companies that take authentication seriously. SecurEnvoy takes MFA to another level. Simply. Effectively. Flexibly.

Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

Discover an extensive range of authentication solutions ranging from phone apps to biometrics, smart cards, and real-time SMS. This powerful MFA tool allows you to select the specific authentication means by type of device and user.

Multi-Factor Authentication solutions for VPN, Remote Desktop, Web portals, Public Cloud Applications, and Server/Workstation logons.

Your users experience is vital – embracing security with simplicity is key

SecurEnvoy MFA allows you to choose and set up any personal device for authentication while moving seamlessly between devices – without compromises.

Easy to use, users can approve authentication attempts by accepting a push notification on a smartphone. In addition, users can enhance security by adding biometric approval.

Authentication security second to none – but maintaining simplicity for user and admin

  • Full range of authentication options – beyond SMS
  • Scales as your business grows, integrating seamlessly with existing user repositories
  • Highly available resilient distributed server architecture
  • Feature rich integrations with wide ranging technologies
  • Support for seamless migration from existing authentication solutions

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Discover, classify, identify and protect your data. Any data. Any location. Any platform.

Modern, simple and effective DLP

Built from the ground up, SecurEnvoy’s Data Loss Prevention provides a full solution for data discovery, data classification and data control, so you can apply simple and effective polices to protect all types of data and ensure full policy compliance.

A simple but comprehensive solution designed to deal with the challenges of big data growth, flexible working, new technology adoption, and the Cloud.

Keeping track of sensitive data, anywhere

DLP can help you understand what sensitive information exists, where it is located, and the type of interaction they have. Once you have a full understanding, it is possible to quickly apply rules to how the data will be used by staff and external parties such as supply chain companies.

Implement policies to support user interaction with sensitive information across all aspects of a company’s data stores, whether this is within a trusted or a public cloud environment.

How SecurEnvoy DLP works

  • SecurEnvoy’s DLP uses the identity of the user, the device and the data they are working on to prove exactly who is doing what at any time.
  • With increasing integrations with other parts of the security market, DLP has become essential for protecting organisations when newer technologies are to be adopted.
  • Our DLP solutions are unique from competitors as we address threats from trusted and un-trusted users, through unique intellectual algorithms and fingerprinting features.
  • SecureIdentity DLP conducts real-time inspection of all protocols, even ones that are unknown, and has the ability to stop data loss immediately.

Data Discovery and Loss Prevention, across all platforms, devices and applications

SecurEnvoy’s Data Discovery can scan structured and unstructured data, protecting sensitive data residing on Local PCs, File-shares, Exchange, PST/OST files, SharePoint, and any ODBC compliant database. It can also discover the same data in cloud services, such as Box, Dropbox, Hosted Exchange, Azure, Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint and Google Drive.

Scans can be run as a batch process with results streamed to configure both local and external systems. Enterprise reporting on locations, file types and actual DLP Policies are also included as standard.

Data Discovery Essentials (DDE) Platform

Essential data discovery for any organisation.

Understand your data quickly. Effective and easy-to-use data discovery for data visibility across your entire digital estate.

Discover sensitive data across the whole digital estate

Do you know where your sensitive data resides?

Organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of where sensitive data resides and assess the risk.

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery Essentials (DDE) is a highly automated solution for discovering confidential and sensitive information, on premise or in the cloud. Providing comprehensive data visibility, it is simple and elegant to deploy and use.

Ideal for conducting quick risk assessments across your entire digital estate and supporting compliance processes including data subject access requests (DSARs).

Award winning content level understanding

Our patented fingerprinting, base classification and machine learning algorithms deliver you a comprehensive understanding of the full content coverage across your digital estate in real time.

SecurEnvoy DDE offers a seamless and transparent end user and enterprise experience designed to support everyday workflows – without disrupting user productivity.

Data Discovery and Extraction has never been simpler

Rapidly locate sensitive data and intellectual property across a multitude of data repositories, endpoints, servers, external drives, USBs, Office 365, and cloud storage environments.

Easily review, collate, and use automated data extraction for reporting and analysis of your organisation’s data risk posture.

Locate data for regulatory compliance

It’s a challenge to manage, protect and secure the growing amount of sensitive information across the enterprise. You need to ensure regulatory compliance and reassure customers’ identity and data will not be compromised.

SecurEnvoy DDE discovers sensitive and high value data across multiple data repositories in a single platform:

  • Personally identifiable information (PII), payment card information (PCI), health records, HIPAA etc.
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR, Subject Access (SAR) and Right to be Forgotten requests
  • Enhance your opportunity to protect high value commercial information from internal and external security threats, including intellectual property (IP), patents, code and other knowhow.

Straightforward and simple deployment

Endpoint Manager

A user interface to manage search tasks, devices, users, licence and other areas of SecurEnvoy DDE

Endpoint Agent

Installed on each of the monitored endpoints. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux. Windows agents can also be deployed on Windows Server 2012+ and.msi files can be deployed using systems such as GPO and SCCM.

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