We Are Identity Champions

At Ping Identity, we champion the unique identity needs of enterprises and simplify how they deliver secure and seamless digital experiences for their workforce and customers. We help prevent security breaches, increase productivity and deliver personalized experiences. With a world-class network of partners, our singular focus is on enterprise customers and their success.
One Identity

PingOne for Customers

Customers expect every digital interaction to be seamless, secure and personalized. Earn their loyalty and exceed their expectations with PingOne for Customers. The solution combines cloud-delivered centralized registration and authentication capabilities with a high-performance user data store—so you can acquire and keep more customers, generate revenue and drive engagement.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Streamline Digital Access

It’s not just about customers abandoning registration and sign-on requests. It’s about how many new user interactions—and how much revenue—you’re missing out on because of it. PingOne for Customers gives you centralized authentication services that enable simple registration and consistent sign-on experiences across every digital property, so you can drive interaction and revenue.

Balance Security And Convenience

Your customers need authentication to be convenient, but you can’t sacrifice security. With PingOne for Customers, you can leverage cloud multi-factor authentication (MFA) options like SMS, email and many others. You can even allow customers to verify their identity with a fingerprint or face scan from your own mobile app.

Take A Cloud CIAM Approach

Use PingOne for Customers to help your business deliver extraordinary customer experiences through drag-and-drop policy creation, sign-on and registration templates, and easy-to-use APIs. Try our cloud solution today to see how your brand can give customers the digital experiences they are looking for.

PingOne for Workforce

Digital transformation is accelerating and increasingly enables your workforce to be more efficient. Your employees depend on identity every day to get work done. PingOne for Workforce centralized adaptive authentication keeps your people secure, productive and happy.

Secure Resources With Confidence

A Zero Trust security strategy allows you to open your applications and data to anyone, anywhere, with minimal friction and maximum connectivity. Identity is a key component of Zero Trust, enabling you to verify every employee and device before granting access. PingOne for Workforce comes with authentication and authorization capabilities essential to Zero Trust maturity.

Centralize & Simplify Access

PingOne for Workforce can connect any user to any app on any device. It leverages adaptive authentication to give employees seamless access whether they're home, in the office, on the road or anywhere in between.

Support Complex Environments

Identity needs to cover all your applications and services, including Active Directory. Ping integrates with a broad range of enterprise applications to support complex IT environments, and more than 60% of the Fortune 100 trust Ping for our extensive integrations across SaaS, legacy, on-premises and custom applications.

Improve Admin Visibility

IT and security teams must do more with less. They need to keep pace or risk business units resorting to shadow IT and siloed approaches. Ping’s simple but powerful management console, with features like self-service admin APIs and delegated administration, makes it easier to respond to the needs of the business.

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