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One Identity

SASE: Secure Access Service Edge

Revolutionize the way you secure the data, resources, and users in your network with SASE. Our growing Secure Access Service Edge platform combines network and security functionality into one scalable, cost-efficient, and cloud-based service.

Simpler, stronger network security for the cloud

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a blueprint for better business security, and involves the combination of software-defined edge networking, user-focused authentication and access control and seamless integration across the cloud.


Enforce least-privilege access to network segments, based on identity, role, device, and more.


An adaptable security platform that provides visibility over the cloud, and all major cloud providers.


Secure the network from local hardware to mobile edge endpoints, with client-based or agentless access.


Encrypted tunneling via private or public gateways, placed locally for low-latency secure connections.

Secure network traffic across the organization with Firewall as a Service

Protect your corporate dataflows in every environment and use granular traffic control to better prevent potential breaches.

Tighten traffic safety with our Firewall as a Service

Legacy firewalls can protect the company’s internal perimeter, but they can’t ensure its safety across hybrid clouds. Our Firewall as a Service, featuring Network Traffic Control (NTC), ensures that only authorized users can connect to your cloud resources.


Manage traffic between every network resource, user and environment.


Ensure that IT has direct line-of-sight with all corporate data, at rest and in transit.


Define detailed rules for how and when traffic moves inside your networks.


Simply create, alter and apply network traffic policies as the organization grows.

Keep your cloud safe with Zero Trust Application Access

Prevent security gaps by enforcing encryption and secure identity-based access to apps via HTTP, RDP, and SSH.

Reduce your corporate attack surface with ZTAA

Unrestricted network access for employees makes a hacker’s job easy. VPNs may help by providing private network access, but they can’t segment resources or differentiate permissions, leaving networks vulnerable. With Zero Trust Application Access, IT can enforce encryption for access and manage identity-based policies to resources.


Choose from major encryption protocols to cover all resources and network layers.


Identity providers recognize users, devices, and locations and apply the relevant policy.


Define which resources are accessible to which users, cloud or on-prem.


Agentless user access, who instead connect to the network through their browser.

Reduce your network’s attack surface with Zero Trust Network Access

If employees are connected, they and your network are protected — with identity-based access rules, 2FA, traffic encryption, monitoring and more.

Design security around users with ZTNA

When all employees have the same access privileges, the network is vulnerable. VPNs may provide adequate security for on-prem resources, but only Zero Trust solutions offer the user-based access rules required for true cloud security.


Support for multiple major encryption protocols including IPSec, OpenVPN and WireGuard.


Segment the network and enforce logins through major identity providers.


Integrate with all on-prem and cloud resources or services for full visibility.

Cloud Edge

Deploy private VPN gateways around the world, providing remote workers with fast access.

Replace the legacy VPN with a modern Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP)

Design a flexible, stronger access policy playbook around user and device authentication with a Software-Defined Perimeter. Whether your critical corporate resources are in the cloud or local servers, SDP enables IT to easily build a wall around the entire network.

Block hackers from the network, in one swift motion

SDP deploys multiple cutting-edge security tools and is easily implemented, even and especially for modern organizations with complex cloud networks, many remote users, and varying access requirements.

Zero Trust Access

Multiple layers of authentication come before access, including user and device verification.

Reduced Attack Surface

Give each user his or her own encrypted connection and relevant, limited access to the network.

Granular Access Control

Easy, central management of granular access policies across users and groups.

Hybrid Security

Software-Defined Perimeters are hardware and cloud agnostic, fitting any network.

Choose a VPN alternative and expand beyond your legacy VPN

Gain complete traffic encryption and more agile access policies, without the hardware or complexity involved in traditional solutions.

Evolve security beyond mere encryption

As more employees work remotely and resources move to the cloud, legacy VPNs fail to provide edge network visibility and control for IT teams. With a cloud-based, always-on VPN alternative, more flexible security based on users is easy to achieve.

Many VPN Protocols

Encrypt traffic with a variety of VPN protocols including IPSec, OpenVPN and WireGuard.

Zero Trust Access

Reduce the attack surface with segmented resource access by role, device and more.

Any-Cloud Friendly

Gain visibility and control over all your local servers and services or apps from major cloud providers.

Global Edge Network

Accelerate access and reduce latency for your remote workers with easily deployed global gateways.

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