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You achieve security only when you ensure the right people get the right access to the right resources at the right time, in the right way, and you can prove it. You can do this only when identity is at the core of your security strategy. See how our integrated portfolio enables this like no other.

One Identity

Privileged Access Management Solutions

One Identity Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions mitigate security risks and enable compliance. Now available as a SaaS-delivered or traditional on-prem offering. You can secure, control, monitor, analyze and govern privileged access across multiple environments and platforms. Complete flexibility to provide the full credential when necessary or limit access to Zero Trust and least-privileged operating models.

Identity Governance

Govern identities and access for all users for your on-prem, hybrid and cloud environments. Available as an on-prem deployed or SaaS-delivered solutions. Satisfy audit and compliance initiatives, and easily provide management with a clear view of your governance posture. Meet attestation and recertification requirements with ease. Quickly access data about internal, external and privileged accounts that have access to your on-premises, cloud and hybrid applications to easily pass audits. With One Identity you can do all this with one solution, and unify security policies across your entire enterprise.


Ensure that access for all users and to all systems is accurate and appropriate – and all identity decisions and actions follow policies and can be reported on.

Identity Lifecycle

Grant access rights by defined roles, rules and policies. Provide standard on-boarding and off-boarding processes for employees and contractors, and quickly and easily manage access to resources as a user’s responsibilities evolve along with the business.

Access Certification

Streamline the identity governance process of managing user identities, privileges and security across the enterprise, including application access, unstructured data and privileged accounts. Achieve all this by placing user management and access control into the hands of authorized business users.

Privileged Account Governance

Extend governance to privileged accounts and administrator access with unified policies, automated and business-driven attestation, enterprise provisioning, and access request and fulfillment. Simplify privileged governance with defined roles and associated policies, access-approval workflows and perform periodic attestation of privileged access.

Active Directory Management and Security

Build a strong foundation in Active Directory (AD) to deploy critical account management capabilities, such as provisioning, group and roles management, password management, and governance. One Identity can help your organization achieve the level of administration and governance to meet your security and compliance needs. If your organization is like most, the vast majority of your identity and access management (IAM) processes are managed via Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and/or AD accounts, which means you’re well down the path to governance. We can take you the rest of the way.


Achieve identity-process objectives for your hybrid AD environment and then extend them to non-Windows systems and a growing number of critical and popular cloud-based applications.

Azure AD Migration Optimization

Ease migration to Azure AD, without ignoring the remaining needs and challenges of on-prem AD, by using a single pane of glass for account administration and security for AD and Azure AD. Achieve efficiencies with automated workflows for the most troublesome tasks in your extended AD and AAD environments. Leverage successful administration and security practices in AD and AAD for many non-Windows systems and applications. One Identity Active Roles enables you to address all those challenges securely and efficiently in both AD and AAD.

Hybrid AD Management and Security

Automate critical identity administration tasks, such as provisioning, de-provisioning, group management, and identity lifecycle management across your entire hybrid AD environment. Control and simplify management by automating the full range of identity lifecycle functions, including for your privileged users. Streamline account creation and unify cross-platform account management after an AD/Azure AD migration or consolidation.

Add governance to your AD/Azure AD account lifecycle management

With One Identity solutions, the jump to governance is a small one. Through cloud-delivered identity services, AD-based identity lifecycle management will soon be easily enhanced with secure user access-request and access-certification capabilities to deliver governance as part of your AD identity and access management program. coming soon.

Make Zero Trust a Reality

What is Zero Trust? A proven model for implementing robust and selective security, Zero Trust eliminates vulnerable permissions, unnecessary and excessive access in favor of specific-rights delegation and provisioning with granularity.

One Identity’s cloud-first, identity-centric approach to cybersecurity enables organizations to make Zero Trust and least-privilege security models a reality. When coupled with identity governance and administration (IGA) across all users, data sets and digital resources – cloud, on-prem and hybrid – you reduce your risk from cyberattacks, and limit damage from crippling and expensive breaches.

So, no matter where your organization is on its identity security journey, our portfolio of IGA, privileged access management (PAM) and Active Directory solutions empower you to control permissions and set policies that protect your organization, users and assets in the way that best serves your objectives.

Enabling Zero Trust with One Identity

One Identity provides an integrated solution for enabling Zero Trust with Active Roles and Safeguard. Together, the One Identity approach will tell you what happened, help to remediate the effects, and help to prevent it from happening again.

One Identity Active Roles

With One Identity Active Roles, you can solve your security issues and meet compliance requirements by securing and protecting on-prem and cloud AD resources simply and efficiently. Active Roles:

  • Integrates with One Identity Safeguard for Just-In-Time privileged access to follow NIST ZTA guidelines
  • Provides a single, intuitive security and management tool for hybrid AD environment
  • Manages accounts for Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint Online, Office 365 and many more
  • Overcomes native-tools limitations

Identity Manager

With Identity Manager, you can unify information security policies and meet governance needs - today and into the future.

  • Automates provisioning to any system, platform or application
  • Enables least-privilege and Zero Trust models
  • Integrates governance for all non-privileged and privileged

One Identity Safeguard

One Identity Safeguard enables organizations to provide the full credentials when necessary or combines with Active Roles to manage access with granular delegation for least-privileged and just-in-time access. Safeguard detects and thwarts threats while satisfying security and compliance requirements.

  • Self-contained, hardened physical or virtual appliances ready to plug and play either on-premises or on your preferred cloud platform
  • Modular, integrated, and extensible to support your growth and increasing needs
  • Unobtrusive, allowing users to continue to work with the tools and processes they know but with enhanced security and nearly no friction

Access Control

Simplify, strengthen and secure authentication processes, as well as unify identities, passwords and directories. You can eliminate manual processes and the use of cumbersome native tools to increase security, improve efficiency and get compliant. Plus, you can extend the proven management processes of your existing infrastructure, policies and procedures to systems that may be more difficult to secure and manage. With One Identity, all of this is achievable.


Simplify and strengthen authentication, improve password control, consolidate systems - and more - with One Identity solutions.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is the simplest and most secure way for organizations to solve the password problem and ensure that users identities are secure. However, not all two-factor solutions are the same. Organizations should consider a solution’s architecture, ease of deployment and administration, available tokens and overall cost. One Identity offers both on-premises and SaaS-based two-factor authentication solutions, which gives organizations the choice of a solution that best meets their security, operational and financial goals.

Password management

Simplify password management while ensuring tight security. Reduce the high cost of password resets with self-service capabilities. Implement consistent password policies with granular management capabilities across platforms and applications. Unify identities and synchronize passwords, and eliminate the challenges of having multiple, disparate passwords.

Identity and directory consolidation and migration

Reduce complexity and optimize your environment with on-premises, virtualized or cloud-based identities. Consolidate disparate systems and identities into existing infrastructure, facilitate migrations and extend AD to non-Windows systems.

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