We stop breaches, not business.

Most companies’ users, apps and data are everywhere.

Securing it is a big job, and the old methods just aren’t going to work anymore.

One Identity

DLP Security Solution

Safeguard your data with a single, enterprise-wide policy

Secure your data while enabling productivity

Data protection does not have to get in the way of business productivity. Forcepoint’s focus on unified policies, user risk, and automation makes data security frictionless and intuitive.

Data Protection Feature Breadth

  • Drip DLP
  • Cloud
  • Native remediation
  • Comprehensive data discovery
  • Fingerprinting/OCR

Unified Data Protection Coverage

  • Unified policy enforcement
  • Single console
  • Converged network & endpoint
  • Cloud apps
  • Off-network

Behavioral Awareness

  • Native behavioral analytics
  • Risk-adaptive protection
  • Risk-based policy enforcement

Automation & Ecosystem

  • Automated policy enforcement
  • Classification vendor compatibility
  • Database flexibility

Data-First SASE

The industry’s only solution uniformly protecting data from the endpoint to the cloud.

What is SASE?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a new approach to networking and security that reinvents these technologies as converged cloud services. It provides uniform connectivity and protection everywhere so that people can work anywhere.

Forcepoint’s SASE goes beyond just securing access to web, cloud, and private applications. We put our industry-leading data protection at the center of our SASE platform, giving you unique control over how your data is used even after it is downloaded. We help you make your people more productive and your business safer.

Protect workers anywhere against advanced threats with cloud-delivered SASE

  • Keep malware out of downloads
  • Eliminate security gaps across web, cloud, networks, private apps
  • Control access based on the risk a resource presents

Prevent loss of data everywhere it's used, endpoint-to-cloud

  • Write policies once and use a SASE architecture to enforce them everywhere
  • Stop transfers of data with enterprise-grade DLP technology
  • Implement Zero Trust-as-a-service

Reduce complexity and cost with a converged SASE platform

  • Simplify deployment with a unified agent for endpoints
  • Safely connect remote sites to the cloud with secure SD-WAN
  • Automate and personalize enforcement based on risk

Secure Web Gateway

Making the web safe for every user, anywhere.

Stop advanced threats hidden in dynamic web content

Proactively secure the web with advanced, real-time threat defenses—full content inspection and in-line security scanning help mitigate risk and protect against malware.

Unified Endpoint with Dynamic Proxying

The convenience of securing your global workforce with a single endpoint for Web Security, DLP, CASB, and NGFW with flexible connectivity and traffic redirection options.

Enforcement Flexibility

The Seamless Handoff feature allows automatic switching between the default, in-line proxy enforcement mode and the secondary, local enforcement mode using Direct Connect.

Deployment Flexibility

Deploy how, when and where you want. On-premises, hybrid and cloud deployment architectures so you can go to the cloud at your own pace.

Comprehensive Cloud Application Security

Monitor and control cloud app usage across your organization to uncover risk and eliminate security gaps.

Complete Data Protection

Protect your data on channels, devices, and applications - on the web, over email, at endpoints, on networks and in the cloud.

Advanced Threat Protection

Dynamic capabilities, including Remote Browser Isolation, to keep your organization safe from a continually evolving threat landscape.

Next-Gen Firewall

Next-Gen Firewall. Get security, availability and visibility with Next-Gen Firewall

AAA Overall Rating

Rating awarded to vendors from CyberRatings.org.

Centralized Management

Ability to manage large quantities of firewalls and fleets of firewalls at scale without compromising performance.


Ease of management, granularity of controls, and scalability of management capabilities.

Security Effectiveness

Assessed block rate, IP Packet Fragmentation/TCP Segmentation, false-positive testing, stability, and reliability.

Evasion Protection

Assessed ability to protect against evasions, HTTP evasions, and a combination of evasion techniques.


Based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)/Mbps over a 3-year period

Cross Domain Solutions

Efficiency and security for segmented network environments.

Most organizations don’t have the right tools for cross domain security.

Complex environments

Separate desktop endpoints, printers, and other hardware increase costs and maintenance needs.

Manual processes

Moving data and files can require use of risky external media and manual processes require significant time investment.

Stringent security

Do your current solutions meet A&A and Raise-the-Bar guidelines or common criteria requirements?

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