Cyber Governance

Cyber Governance and Risks

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Cyber Governance

Cyber Governance and Risks

Manage cyber risk and information security governance issues with Mindfire Cybersecurity’s defensible cyber security strategy framework.

Effective information security governance starts with well-informed decisions and the framework to meet new challenges. Mindfire Cybersecurity’s well-rounded leaders can help your organization with unique insights on cyber risks and practical support.

Cyber governance involves making multiple decisions that will guide your organization through current and future challenges. Understanding cyber threats from a technology standpoint is certainly key, but security leaders and senior management must also consider a host of financial and operational aspects, including regulatory and reputational concerns. Knowing what to prioritize and where to bolster resources is often not a clear-cut choice.

Mindfire Cybersecurity’s expertise managing hundreds of cyber security engagements worldwide, backed by the diverse backgrounds of our experts from law enforcement, government agencies and large enterprises helped build the framework for a defensible cyber security strategy in five pillars:

Cyber Governance and Risks

Cyber Governance and Risks

Brief Overview of Our Framework

Mindfire Cybersecurity help you look at cyber security from many perspectives—from learning best practices for all types of situations to developing a process for risk-ranking the vulnerabilities and threats most harmful for your organization’s maturity, size, and sector.

Our goal is to bring confidence in your decision-making and strengthen the framework that will support and implement your strategies.

Mindfire Cybersecurity’s governance and risk advisory solutions are also included as part of an array of proactive services, available through our client-friendly cyber risk retainers for maximum tangible value.

Mindfire Cybersecurity Cyber Governance and Risk Advisory Services

Here are a few selected services available to help your organization with cyber governance issues:

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services

In partnership with leading data privacy law firms, Mindfire Cybersecurity offers DPO consultancy services that support you in becoming and staying compliant with GDPR as well as other data privacy laws and regulations, including HIPAA.

Board Advisory for Cyber

Mindfire Cybersecurity can help board members become actively involved in cyber security and give meaningful direction to the organization in ways that meet wide-ranging regulatory and stakeholder expectations.

Cyber Risk Retainers

Mindfire Cybersecurity also offers several incident response retainers to give you peace of mind knowing our seasoned investigators are readily available in a crisis and are designed to offer maximum flexibility with an array of proactive and notification services that ensure you get tangible value.

Incident Response Threat Simulations

Mindfire Cybersecurity follows a seven-step process refined by our experience in leading hundreds of cyber tabletop exercises (TTX) for client organizations of varied sizes, complexity, and industry sectors. Participating in a Mindfire Cybersecurity TTX helps your team clarify and rehearse their roles and develop more confidence to perform effectively in the event of an incident.

Cyber Security Due Diligence for M&A

Make better-informed M&A decisions by identifying actual cyber security lapses or potential at-risk areas in your targets; quantify remediation costs and help restructure investments; and demonstrate data security commitment to stakeholders and regulators. Security Culture as a Service.

A culture that helps employees internalize a cyber security and data privacy mindset and “own” their role in keeping data safe.

Many more solutions are available, use the links on this page to explore them further or speak to a Mindfire Cybersecurity expert today via our 24x7 cyber incident hotlines or our contact page.

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