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Boldon James Security: Whatever your data challenge, regulatory environment or operating sector, we work with you to manage your data effectively, streamline operations and proactively respond to regulatory change with.

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From classification and loss prevention to rights management and secure collaboration, we have the tools to turn your data challenges into business opportunities.

Data Classification

Explore how our best-of-breed data classification solutions helps you categorise, label and protect data. Advanced data classification fuses categorisation with labelling to deliver a powerful data protection and governance punch. Enabling organisations to better manage and control their data, streamline operational performance and improve return on technology investment.

Regulatory Compliance

In an increasingly complex data protection world, it is critical that you can adapt and respond to changes in data protection regulation or
international standards.

Global harmonisation of regulations is driving a need to ensure you comply with the latest rule and best practice, from new military messaging protocols to local data protection regulations.

Our best-of-breed Data Classification and Secure Messaging solutions enable organisations to effectively manage data and proactively respond to regulatory change.

Data Discovery

With the emergence of new data protection regulations, organisations must take a combined data discovery and data classification approach to ensure sensitive data is adequately protected.

Combining best of breed data discovery and data classification technologies provides organisations with the right tools for the job, and importantly enhances functionality that strengthens the discovery and classification process particularly if they are integrated into a ‘metadata’ security ecosystem. Once you have found your most sensitive and business critical data, determined the potential risks to its security, prioritised it and classified it, you can make informed decisions about how to protect it using controls such as DLP solutions, utilising encryption or other post-delivery controls.

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss is a concern for every organisation. Whether you need to protect your data to meet regulatory obligations, or to keep your company’s plans under wraps, Data Loss Prevention is critical. When Boldon James Classifier is used alongside traditional DLP solutions, the accuracy of your data loss prevention solution increases substantially, reducing frustrating ‘false positive’ detection errors.

Users become more aware of the sensitivity of the data they handle and more careful as a result. With classification you can be confident that your organisation will be able to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements, as and when you need to.

Digital Rights Management

External and international sharing and collaboration on sensitive documents presents security challenges. Confidential data needs to be controlled, without impeding business-necessary email and file sharing. Using Boldon James security, to power Rights Management Solutions (RMS) removes the risk, by controlling access to your data wherever it resides, inside or outside of your physical organisation.

Boldon James Classifier provides a highly effective front end which simplifies the application of rights management protection, commonly the biggest barrier to user adoption. Classifier’s intuitive interface allows users to apply classification in as little as a single click, driving RMS rules to ensure the file can only be accessed by those that are authorised to receive the data.

Data Retention & Archiving

Businesses save data for many different reasons; regulatory compliance, financial reporting, or disaster recovery, which can lead to conflicting and confusing archiving policies. The net result being that users cannot be confident about deletion so end up saving everything, driving up your data storage costs and risking failure to comply with legal obligations.

By involving users in the classification of their data with the Boldon James security suite, it is possible to remove the need for ad-hoc application of data retention and archiving practices. By assigning value to information through classification metadata, retention policies can be enforced automatically, employing third party archiving systems, making your data archiving and retention more efficient, more reliable and easier to use.

Monitoring And Reporting

Classification provides security benefits across an organisation, but also can provide significant time and operational efficiencies. Accurate classification of data can improve the effectiveness of third party security solutions such as DLP, Discovery and Rights Management.

Boldon James Classifier Reporting empowers businesses with advanced monitoring and reporting capability to equip them with the information they need to understand user behaviour and demonstrate ROI.

Cloud Security

The trend towards more remote and collaborative working has led to increased acceptance of cloud-based applications and storage. Cloud solutions offer the savings of reduced infrastructure requirements, but this need not come at the cost of a loss of ability to control data.

Boldon James security ensures that your data can be classified, and retain classification in Cloud storage and applications, ensuring your data is in your control wherever
it resides.

Classifier allows you to classify your data and establish controls to ensure that your valuable information is not distributed inappropriately, helping to eliminate the risk of data breaches right from the outset.

Military Messaging

Traditional Military Message Handling Systems (MMHS) can be difficult & costly to implement, maintain and administer. Boldon James provides a solution that enables you to implement a secure military messaging system quickly, easily and cost-effectively by extending capabilities of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Microsoft platforms, most commonly 2007, 2010, and 2013. This means that you can design and deliver messaging systems based on COTS principles much quicker and with lower financial commitment, with confidence in the security of your messaging and ensuring conformance with STANAG 4406 (including Annex E) and RFC 6477 messaging standards.

We work with best-of-breed industry partners, including CommPower, Deep Secure, Isode and Nexor to supply and integrate associated technology, working together to minimise the risks involved when sending secure messages.

Secure Collaboration

Every day we collaborate with third party organisations. They are essential to our ability to operate but working with them means sharing with them and this can bring risks to our data security. Data leakage through over-sharing, failure to respect the sensitive nature of data, and not applying available security measures could all result in costly data loss.

With data classification information is labelled so that users within and outside of your company understand its value and treat it accordingly.

When working with third party organisations, Boldon James Exchange Classifier offers further peace of mind as it enables organisations to collaborate with external partners in confidence, by mapping security classification labels across organisations and applying safeguarding instructions appropriate to the business relationship for greater awareness of the value of data shared.

Automated Data Classification

Automated data classification involves the application of a classification for a particular file or message by a pre-defined rule set. The rule set might be based on matching keywords or expressions found in the content with a given list or identifying some other characteristic of the file for example, it came from the customer information data store so needs to be protected.

Automated classification can also extend classification coverage across a variety of originating data sources, including those which originate outside of user control. This approach is useful when organisations have data generated by automated processes or systems that should be classified at the point of creation without user intervention – for example reports that are produced by an ERP system.

Some organisations look to combine automation with a user-driven approach to provide an element of support to the user. For example, applying default labels based on user group or department. This approach reduces the number of clicks that the user has to perform but by involving the user greatly enhances the accuracy of the classification process.

Enabling Enterprise Mobility

Organisations today are being challenged by data mobility – the ability to share data anytime, anywhere and in any format – whilst enabling communication and supporting business growth. In addition to this, IT teams need to be mindful of the reality that corporate data coexists alongside personal data. Sensitive data needs protecting, but before it can be effectively protected it needs to be separated from personal data and then classified.

Then there’s data that doesn’t need to be available on a hand-held device. With the increasing use of ‘bring your own’ policies and the blurring of lines between work and home made possible by mobile communications, relying on your users to only sync necessary information isn’t always sufficient for peace of mind or data security. It’s also not in the employee’s interest as they may have personal data stored on their corporate mobile device.

With Boldon James Mobile security users can separate corporate information from personal, classifying it for control in line with your organisation’s data policy whilst they are on the move. Working alongside your Mobile Device Management solution, Mobile Classifier will help you improve the security of data stored on handheld devices, whilst giving you the tools to enable business on the move.

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With unrivalled customer service and best-of-breed data protection and governance solutions, we are helping many of the world’s most successful organisations take control of their business data.

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We integrate with powerful data security and governance ecosystems.

Identity providers recognize users, devices, and locations and apply the relevant policy.

Define which resources are accessible to which users, cloud or on-prem.

Agentless user access, who instead connect to the network through their browser.

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