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The Mumbai based company was incorporated in London in 2006 with its research and development center in Mumbai. Now Headquartered in Mumbai, ARCON’s enterprise-class risk mitigating solutions have been deployed by 900+ global organizations that include major Banks, Government organizations, Telecom giants, Oil and Gas majors, Utilities, Pharmaceutical companies among others. The Company is regarded as one of the key vendors in terms of functionalities offered in the privileged access management space, a fact highlighted by Gartner Critical Capabilities Report for Privileged Access Management 2020.

ARCON is widely recognized among the global analyst community which includes Gartner, Kuppingercole and Forrester. ARCON is named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management. Kuppingercole Leadership Compass for Privileged Access Management 2020 placed ARCON as an Innovation Leader.

One Identity

User Behaviour Analytics

End users, not the machines, pose the biggest security challenge in the fast-changing IT infrastructure landscape. While compromise of privileged credentials remains one of the most feared IT threats of an enterprise IT security team, more and more IT incidents are stemming from anomalous end user behavioral profiles. Threat Detection and real-time analytics is a need of the hour.
ARCON | User Behaviour Analytics solution offer enterprise IT security teams with necessary tools to crunch a large lake of enterprise data, spot anomalous and risky behavior profiles along with a capability to trigger alerts in real-time.

User Behaviour Analytics

The best end-user analytics tool.

Comply with CERT-IN guidelines

  • Offers unified governance framework for better visibility and robust endpoint protection
  • Enables to do data profiling and anomaly detection
  • Mitigates insider and zero-day threats
  • Aligns IT security policies with day-to-day IT operations
  • Provides endpoint ‘privileges’ on demand to critical applications

Detect anomalous behaviour

  • Provides insights over anomalous IT profiles
  • Collects data from endpoints which authorizes user access to critical applications/ systems
  • Mitigates threats arising from malicious insiders
  • Offers advanced risk detection and analytics capabilities
  • Reduces data misuse/abuse risk surface

Identify risky behaviour profiles

  • Enables enterprises to do data profiling and anomaly detection
  • Implements video recording of user activities on critical applications
  • Enables enterprises to record all activities performed by the user on critical applications
  • Helps to generate dynamic reports to make better IT decisions
  • The insights provided by data analytics helps the security and risk management team to implement application access control

Detect users deviating from baseline activities

  • The tool enables IT administrators to configure baseline activities on machines as per the centralized policy
  • Unified data analytics helps enterprises to examine anomalous activities deviating from configured baseline policy
  • Permits access to critical systems/ applications based only on daily use cases
  • Provides data analytics that implements application access control and enhances security
  • Dynamic reports enables enterprises to make better IT security decision

Control access to applications

  • Controls end user’s access to business-critical applications
  • Ensures authorized access to applications and mitigates insider threats
  • Access to application other than permitted is granted by UBA Admin through an elevation request
  • Application access through an elevation request is granted for a specified period of time
  • Detects threats on a real-time and triggers alerts

The Key Features of ARCON | UBA

Behavior Analytics: Crunch large lakes of end-user data to identify and detect anomalies
Privilege Elevation: Implement controlled and secure access to business critical applications
Productivity enhancements: Unified governing framework and configured base-line activities promotes productivity
Live Dashboard: Complete IT oversight of end-user activities
Session Monitoring: Monitor and Detect end-user threats on real-time basis
Dynamic Report: Execute better IT decisions with deeper analysis of end-use
Data Loss Prevention: Enable content and specific hardware based filtering and blocking
Meeting Compliance: Fulfill IT security standards by reinforcing endpoint security

Active Directory Management and Security

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is one of the most important areas in Information Security. As the term suggests, privileged access is granted to privileged users. The privileged users have elevated access rights to business-critical applications, databases, cloud-resources, DevOps, CI/CDs environments among other highly sensitive data-assets.

Thus, managing, monitoring and controlling the privileged access is extremely important. Misuse or abuse of trusted privileges is one of the biggest sources of data breaches and abuse of sensitive information.

A robust privileged access management is essential to thwart insider threats, third-party risks and advanced cyber-attacks. Privileged Access Management practice helps to ensure that any unauthorized access to target systems is denied.

Besides, Privileged Access Management is essential from the compliance perspective. A host of IT standards such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and regulations (GDPR) among many other local regulations as mandated by governments and central banks explicitly ask for role and rule-based access, Multi-factor authentication (MFA), password vaulting, etc. to protect data. The solution offers all the necessary safeguards.

However, the level of complexities in managing privileged users is increasing; so is the level of the privileged access control. Many global organizations have distributed datacentre environments. More and more organizations are adopting cloud-computing. IT developers have privileges to access DevOps tool chains. Furthermore, the pandemic and its implications have meant that most of the workforce access systems remotely.

All these use-cases have necessitated granular control over privileged users along with a strong validation mechanism. Against this backdrop and the proliferation of privileged users, a robust Privileged Access Management is a must to ensure authorized and controlled access to systems.


PAM The Best-Fit Architecture

On-Prem Data Center Environment

  • Manages, monitors and controls privileged accounts seamlessly
  • Ensures secure access to target systems and applications
  • Randomizes and changes passwords frequently to overcome the threats arising from shared credentials
  • Secures on-prem data by monitoring every privileged session on a real-time time basis
  • Runs seamlessly in Windows, Unix, and Linux operating systems

Distributed Data Center Environment

  • Offers a centralized policy framework
  • Ensures each and every access to systems from anywhere is through one single console, ARCON | PAM
  • Provides a rule and role-based access control to all target systems
  • Implements deepest levels of granular level control over privileged accounts
  • Strengthens authentication mechanism with Multi-factor validation and password vaulting

On-Cloud Environment

  • Offers multi-factor authentication including adaptive authentication for secure access to cloud-based applications, management consoles and virtual machines
  • Implements access only on ‘need-to-know’ and ‘need-to-do’ principle
  • Provides robust password vaulting along with frequent rotation and randomization of privileged credentials
  • Builds unified access control and governance framework to monitor privileged identities
  • Tracks and records session logs of all administrative activities in video and text format

Hybrid Environment

  • Offers a centralized policy to manage the access control mechanism of all IT operational segments
  • EImplements principle of least privilege which ensures limited privileged accounts to manage IT operations on-prem and cloudnsures secure access to target systems and applications
  • Ensures robust password vaulting where the privileged passwords are frequently randomized and rotated
  • Monitors every privileged session in real-time and generates report for regular IT audit
  • Provides just-in-time privileges to restrict unnecessary escalation of privileged accounts

DevOps Environment

  • Ensures controlled access and protect scripts and other embedded secrets throughout the DevOps pipeline
  • Manages credentials used by applications, container platforms, automation tools and other non-human identities
  • Tackles and non-human access to CI/ CD consoles
  • Leverages native application attributes and role-based access controls to authenticate applications and containers
  • Accelerates ARCON | PAM implementation/ deployment through containerization

Security Compliance Management

ARCON | Security Compliance Management (SCM) is a highly effective enterprise-grade solution to identify, assess and mitigate system vulnerabilities. ARCON|SCM automates the entire risk assessment process, manages execution and generates detailed review documentation of IT risk factors.

The vulnerability assessment solution enhances IT controls and visibility by setting-up baseline security configurations and policies for disparate technology platforms. Enterprise IT risk management teams find ARCON| SCM as a robust technology to adhere to various IT security standards for compliance purposes as well.

Security Compliance Management

An Automated Vulnerability Assessment Tool

Why Security Compliance Management?

For a modern-day organization with a large IT infrastructure, it is crucial to have a full-system vulnerability assessment mechanism to detect security risks in a timely-manner. The reason being Information Technology has percolated down across all the layers of modern businesses and is the driving force behind success and growth of businesses. Resultantly, risks and vulnerabilities to the information assets of an organization need to be addressed in a timely manner.

Moreover, in the digital era, which has necessitated a revolution in data management, organizations have to mandatorily audit and review their techno-business processes to enhance IT operational efficiency.

Vulnerability assessment solution such as Security Compliance Management helps the risk assessment and compliance and audit teams to identify security blind spots that remain undetected due to the lack of essential safeguards and time-consuming manual IT audits.

ARCON | Security Compliance Management at glance

ARCON | SCM helps to enforce comprehensive IT risk management framework. It acts as a unified engine of all IT risks and controls required to be implemented at different layers for IT infrastructure for effective risk mitigation. Additionally, the solution provides comprehensive audit reports to build a robust security posture and ensure compliance.

The ARCON | SCM framework offers a highly scalable and customizable architecture. The solution’s powerful connectors and agents work across technologies with multiple servers and databases.

ARCON | Security Compliance Management: Benefits

  • Enables prioritization of security & compliance efforts based on risk level, enterprise-wide
  • Detects key patches missing in devices
  • Provides continuous risk assessment for critical technology platforms
  • Governs, assesses, and optimizes Information Risk Management
  • Provides centralized risk control framework over the IT assets

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