Prevent Breaches

Prevent Breaches and Compliance Violations from Risky Third Party Communications.


Enterprise Content Firewall

The Kiteworks® content firewall helps IT executives lock down the exchange of confidential enterprise information with customers, suppliers, and partners by unifying visibility and security across siloed third-party communication channels, including email, file sharing, mobile, web forms, managed file transfer, and SFTP. Thousands of global CIOs and CISOs trust Accellion to give their organizations protection, privacy and peace of mind.


Consolidate Communications, Gain Visibility, and Unify Security and Compliance

Consolidate and Control Third Party Communications

  • Deploy a single, secure way to share sensitive content with third parties
  • Send and receive from email, file sharing, mobile, web forms, MFT and SFTP
  • Provide secure, easy access to all enterprise content repositories without migration, including cloud storage, file servers, ECM, ERP and CRM systems
  • Simplify IT infrastructure, administration, and usability
  • Save money by eliminating siloed point solutions

See Sensitive Content Exchanged with Third Parties

  • CISO Dashboard for deep insight into the exchange of sensitive information
  • See who’s sending what to whom, where, when and how
  • Detect, analyze and address suspicious activities
  • Demonstrate adherence to industry compliance regulations
  • Consolidated, detailed logs across email, file sharing, mobile, and more

Apply Uniform Security and Governance Policies

  • Centralize policy enforcement across communication channels
  • Single point of integration for IAM, AV, ATP, DLP, etc.
  • Strong, AES-256 encryption at rest and TLS 1.2 in transit
  • Hardened virtual appliance reduces risk and maintenance
  • On-premise, private cloud, hybrid or FedRAMP deployment options

Enforce Industry Compliance Regulations and Standards

  • Demonstrate compliance with internal auditors
  • Adhere to NIST 800-171, HIPAA, GDPR, FISMA, FedRAMP and more
  • Best-in-class security and privacy protections are the foundation
  • Granular policy controls you need for compliance to specific regulations
  • Reporting and insights you need to find and solve exposures and support audits

Communication Consolidation

The Accellion enterprise content firewall unifies security and compliance across email, file sharing, mobile, web forms, enterprise apps, managed file transfers, and SFTP to simplify IT infrastructure, administration, and usability. Replace standalone secure sharing apps with a single platform to save money, while simplifying the user experience. Accellion enables millions of executives, employees, customers, vendors, partners, investors, attorneys, doctors, patients, and professionals from every walk of life to do their jobs without putting their organizations at risk. When they click the Accellion button, they know it’s the safe and secure way to share information with the outside world.

Simplify Security and Compliance to Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate point solutions for secure file sharing, email, mft, etc.
  • Simplify infrastructure and reduce maintenance
  • Standardize security policies and controls
  • Reduce compliance overhead and reporting

Protect Sensitive Information Without Compromising Productivity

  • Give users a simple, secure, private way to share confidential information
  • The same ease of use found in consumer cloud file sharing apps
  • Collaboration, virtual data rooms (VDR), SFTP, and managed file transfer (MFT) channels
  • Control folder structure, access, permissions, expiration, locking and versioning
  • Enforce compliance and data governance with total visibility
  • Detailed system logs, standard compliance reports, and CISO dashboard

Keep On-the-Road Executives and Mobile Workers Secure

  • Ensure mobile users are productive and safe with native mobile apps
  • Fast navigation to find, upload and share sensitive information
  • Simple mobile MS Office integration keeps users secure and compliant
  • Lock down mobile security and governance with tailored capabilities
  • Take a picture and upload it without saving it to the insecure camera roll

Automate Routine Back Office File Transfers

  • Increase productivity while reducing manual errors
  • Distribute content to a folder or mailing list
  • Transfer from satellites to a central process
  • Easily share extremely large files
  • Visually design automated content flows with the Orchestration Client

Simplify and Lock Down SFTP Access

  • Access remote SFTP servers as easily as Web folders
  • Share Accellion Web folders using SFTP
  • Use SFTP to share content from SharePoint and other repositories
  • Allow Web business users to create SFTP server folders
  • Admins control who manages SFTP server folders and external users
  • Get full visibility with complete audit trail

Securely Share IP, PII, PHI and Other Sensitive Content to Insecure Locations

  • Protect the enterprise as employees on untrusted home networks send and receive sensitive corporate data
  • Comply with privacy regulations
  • Keep it simple for users so you can minimize training needs
  • Access enterprise content without VPN risks and costs
  • Roll out in days, not weeks or months

Send and Receive Files Securely Inside Business Applications

  • Salesforce.com app to communicate confidentially with customers
  • iManage app for law firms and legal departments
  • Easy administration using Secure File Transfer Protocol

Transfer Files and Email Securely with Microsoft Office 365

  • Transfer files and email from MS Office and MS Office 365 apps
  • Supports Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint
  • Securely transfer files to Microsoft Teams guest and external users

Streamline External Content Submission Workflows

  • Create a secure portal for uploading applications, claims, and other submissions
  • Reduce errors and delays in internal processes
  • Enforce security and compliance automatically
  • Automate workflows with Accellion Automation Agents

Unified Visibility

The Accellion enterprise content firewall unifies visibility across third party communication channels to provide a centralized view of all sensitive information shared outside the enterprise. With total visibility into where data is going, who is accessing it, and how it is shared, the Accellion enterprise content firewall enables tight governance, strict compliance, preemptive threat detection, and fast incident response.

See All Content Exchanged with Third Parties

  • Visualize all sensitive information entering and leaving the firm
  • Understand who’s sending what to whom, when, where and how
  • Dynamically track the inventory of digital assets in motion
  • Detect suspicious activity and take action on anomalies
  • Pass audits and comply with industry regulations
  • Create custom dashboards and reports in your SIEM

Inspect Every Communication for Complete Compliance and Control

  • The more you see, the stronger your defense
  • Apply policy, investigate incidents, isolate threats and formulate responses
  • Leverage user, app, device, network, protocol and file data
  • Automatically respond to failed DLP, ATP, IDS, and logins
  • Manually drill down to fine-grained transaction details

Detect Anomalies to Prevent Breaches Before They Happen

  • Analyze behavior and content, not just traffic and packets
  • Aggregate and analyze transactions across communication channels
  • Establish baselines to separate legitimate communications from leaks and threats
  • Automatically detect threats with advanced machine learning
  • Create alerts to respond rapidly to incidents in real-time

Unified Security

The Accellion enterprise content firewall unifies security for third party communications to centralize governance and protection of your most sensitive digital assets. As it inspects each transaction, the content firewall applies consistent policies and controls across siloed communication channels, including email, file sharing, mobile, managed file transfer and SFTP. Designed with security in mind from the ground up, the Accellion platform combines maximum protection with enterprise-class flexibility to accommodate your specific requirements.

Protect Data with Uniform Governance Across Communication Channels

  • Secure your digital assets without getting in the way of users
  • Standardize security policy across email, file sharing, mobile, MFT, SFTP, etc.
  • Apply granular policy controls to protect data privacy
  • Define role-based permissions for external users
  • Enforce compliance consistently across communication channels

Run Potential Threats Through a Gauntlet of Layered Defenses

  • Protect content consistently across all communication channels
  • Apply SSO, MFA, AV, ATP, and DLP centrally
  • Strong TLS 1.2 encryption in-transit and AES-256 at rest
  • Customer-managed keys (bring your own key)
  • FIPS 140-2 certification and FedRAMP Authorized hosting

Leverage Your Security Investments with a Single Point of Integration

  • Single Sign On support for SAML 2.0 and Kerberos
  • LDAP and Active Directory integration
  • Integrate with your DLP solution to prevent data leaks
  • Integrate with your ATP solution to quarantine unknown threats
  • Feed your SIEM a single, normalized syslog

Secure Deployment Options to Fit Your Needs

  • On-premise, private cloud, hybrid or FedRAMP deployment
  • Virtualized VMware and Hyper-V environments
  • Private or hybrid cloud deployment on AWS and Azure
  • Hosted, compliant private cloud deployment by Accellion
  • Keep data at the system of origin; no migration required!

Minimize Security Vulnerabilities and Reduce Maintenance Costs

  • Highly scalable and flexible deployment architecture
  • Pre-configured for hardened, tight security
  • Closed ports, disabled SSH, embedded anti-virus, encryption
  • Fast, easy installation, patches and upgrades
  • Ongoing security updates

Unified Compliance

Ensure and demonstrate regulatory compliance over how sensitive information is exchanged across the enterprise. Whether your business is in a highly regulated industry like healthcare or financial services or does business with the US Federal Government, the Accellion enterprise content firewall keeps your most prized digital assets secure and aligned with industry compliance regulations.

Rigorously Enforce Healthcare Compliance Regulations

  • A simple, private, secure way to share PII, PHI, and other confidential information
  • Alleviate the temptation to use less secure consumer cloud folder apps
  • Role-based policy controls provide granular access privileges and segregation of duties
  • Monitor all file sharing activities in real-time to demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Auditable log reports detail all file activity

Full Visibility and Control to Ensure Data Privacy

  • Full visibility of content facilitates Rights of Erasure and Portability
  • Enable data sovereignty with private or hybrid cloud deployment
  • Role-based policy controls ensure only authorized users have access to customer data
  • All file activity is logged and reportable to demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Integrated with your DLP solution to prevent leaking of customer data

FedRAMP Authorization for the Public and Private Sectors

  • FedRAMP Authorized for Moderate level information
  • Regulatory compliance with NIST 800-171 and ITAR
  • Adheres to over 400 additional US Government mandated controls
  • Private hosted deployment in an isolated environment on AWS
  • Supported within the US, by US citizens

Meet Rigorous Information Processing Encryption Standards

  • FIPS 140-2 validated; out-of-the-box FIPS compliance
  • Files encrypted at rest using AES 256
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated encryption protects data in transit

Demonstrate Cybersecurity Excellence to Win Contracts with DoD

  • Regulatory compliance with NIST 800-171
  • FedRAMP Authorized for Moderate level information
  • File level AES 256-bit encryption and key rotation
  • Standardize security policy across email, file sharing, mobile, MFT, SFTP, etc.
  • Single point of integration for DLP, APT, LDAP/AD, SSO, SIEM, and more

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