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What Are Wireless Security Assessment Services?

Wireless networks tend to be the target of attackers.

This is because it can be highly challenging to stop attackers from gaining physical access to WiFi. There are two types of attacks that wireless networks fall victim to:

Active attack: This is when an attacker delivers signals to the authorised Access Point (AP) to canvass particular responses and penetrate the network. This generally happens in a short space of time.

Passive attack: A passive attack is when an attacker apprehends signals sent from authorised devices to an authorised AP. For instance, an authorised device could be a corporate computer or laptop.

Wireless Security Assessment provides protection against would-be wireless network attackers. Here’s how Mindfire’s WiFi Security Assessment works:

  • We locate the vulnerable APs throughout the network and its affiliated devices. We assess its weaknesses so that it can integrate suitable security controls.
  • We pinpoint and draw attention to unsuitable encryption, segregation, and authentication. We investigate unfriendly devices that have been installed without the approval of the IT department.
  • In terms of your security setup, we give your corporation best practice confirmation.
  • We test the effectiveness of your data segregation.
  • Mindfire’s WiFi Security Assessments also examine WiFi radio frequency (RF) coverage trying to gain access from areas in close proximity.
  • We evaluate any design flaws in your security setup.
Wireless Security Assessment Services

Why Does Your Business Need Wireless Network Assessment Services?

Using wireless networks can present risks.

It can allow your physical security controls to be circumvented, and access can be gained to your systems. By using WiFi Security Assessment Services provided by Mindfire, any dangers (or potential dangers) will be highlighted to you. Here are some benefits of using Wireless Security Assessment Services:

  • Your business can be confident that WiFi access is safe and secure. Plus, you can be assured that internal and user services are appropriately protected.
  • It can enhance your security processes. This is achieved by confirming that your wireless networks meet the requirements of data protection and security compliance.
  • It will lessen the risk of loss. These services stop malicious attackers from penetrating your network and compromising important internal company assets.

How to Prevent Wireless Security Breaches

There are numerous steps that your business can take to lessen the risk of your WiFi security becoming compromised.

On top of using Mindfire’s WiFi Security Assessment services, you can:

Back up data properly
Data is highly valuable to any company. By backing up your data, you can help defend against ransomware.

Inform your employees
It is important to educate your employees about the risks and dangers of security breaches to lessen the chances of them happening.

Use complex passwords
It is crucial to update passwords regularly, never recycle them, and ensure they are both complicated and unpredictable. This is a hugely important security measure.

Secure routers
Attackers can access your data by breaking into your network, so to make this far more challenging, secure every device in your network. This can be done by checking that your wireless traffic has encryption enabled.

Update often
A powerful way to avoid breach attempts is to ensure you constantly update your operating system as well as application software.

Develop a breach response plan
Having a breach response strategy in place helps to ensure a fast response if a breach should occur. This can stop attacks from passing undetected.

Install a centralised firewall
Firewalls act as an obstacle between networks with varying degrees of trust. Keep your firewall on at all times to protect against attacks.

Utilise antivirus software
To prevent attackers from taking or destroying data assets, install and keep updated antivirus, anti-malware, and antispyware software on your server.

Use encryption
Encrypting data is a great way of rendering data useless if stolen. Therefore, ensure you use encryption to diminish the damaging consequences of a breach.

How Does Mindfire’s WiFi Security Tool Work?

At Mindfire, we listen to our customers and their pain points and create solutions to resolve them.

With Mindfire’s WiFi Security Assessment Services, a proven and industry-standard best practices strategy is implemented to ensure your wireless network is fully protected. Here is what our service involves:

Thorough wireless survey

Mindfire identifies wireless APs within certain boundaries. We then test access to the wireless network from inside your company and then also locate APs outside of the perimeter that may put you at risk of a cyber-attack.

Review of wireless security

We examine how effective the security controls of your organisation are by looking at the network structure and operational requirements. Mindfire assesses numerous facets of WiFi security, such as password controls, network encryption, authentication equipment, and settings for broadcast.

Attacker simulation

While our first two stages certainly strengthen a wireless network’s security, it is also essential to see how strong your security truly is by emulating an attack. This way, we can determine if your network is likely to be breached and deem the effectiveness of your security. Examples of wireless attacks that we may simulate include WPA(2) Pre-Shared Key (PSK) brute force and WEP replay.

Network isolation

To decrease the effects of a security breach, it is vital that sensitive services and assets are isolated from network users. Mindfire's experts will try to gain entry to systems within corporate LANs (or WLANs) as a guest to see if an attacker could use a compromised WiFi network as a springboard for a security attack.

There will also be some penetration testing that will be undertaken to clarify the extent of any wireless vulnerabilities, but disruption is minimal. Upon completion, you will be given a report of wireless weaknesses and potential ways to resolve them. Mindfire’s team is also available for further consultation should you require any more help or advice.

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