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Web Security Solutions

Along with email, the web is a popular way for potential hackers to access your sensitive information. Many daily activities in today’s digital landscape are dependent on the internet. As a result, your organisation may likely come across harmful files or content while surfing the web daily. Browsing the internet without web security measures might expose you to hazards such as credential compromise, phishing sites, and malware downloads. It’s akin to going into battle with no defences. Regardless of how cautious you are, you will be attacked, putting your essential business data and financial accounts in danger. Mindfire’s web security solutions are created for the modern business user. We offer a suite of security products to help protect your organisation from harmful attacks, ensuring that your confidential data remains safe and secure. With us, you can expect protection against web-borne malware and offensive content. We can also help improve productivity by monitoring and managing time spent on websites. Our web security solutions are built to be extremely fast and responsive, allowing everyone to stay safe online regardless of location.

Complete web security solution to combat online threats

Mindfire’s intrusion detection technology monitors websites for signs of unusual activity, such as unauthorised access or malicious file uploads. If suspicious activity is detected, we immediately block the request and notify you so that you can take appropriate action. Some of the most common security threats include:

Mindfire’s 5-step web security process

We at Mindfire know how important it is to keep your business safe from online threats. Our web security solution is unique in not requiring web traffic to be proxied. This protects the user’s actual IP address and privacy by letting the browser communicate directly with the web application server. We use a secure web gateway (SWG) to prevent malicious internet traffic from entering your organisation’s internal network.

web security solutions

Potentially harmful content

The internet is overflowing with harmful, offensive, inappropriate, or illegal content waiting to cause destruction. Mostly this kind of content is hidden deep within legitimate sites and not discoverable directly to the average user. Dangerous content can harm your company’s reputation and online presence, resulting in legal action.

Website spoofing

Website spoofing is when a website appears to be something it isn’t. For example, a site may appear as if it is from an authorised source such as your bank or credit card company. This deception may result in your company disclosing personal information or inadvertently installing malware on computers.

Malware distributed via the internet

Malware distribution sites are websites that offer malware or other malicious content for download. The sites typically promote pirated software, movies, trojans, and spyware. They can also be used to distribute ransomware - a type of malware that locks users out of their computers until they pay a ransom fee.

Illegal and inappropriate images

Images considered inappropriate for work can include anything from adult content to offensive or extremist images. In some cases, these images may be stored on company servers, which could put employees at risk of exploitation.

Mindfire’s web security solution is quick, with a response time under 35ms. This means that your users will not experience any delays or interruptions when accessing essential files.

Here’s a detailed look at how our web security solution works:


When a user requests access to a website or file download, our SWG intercepts the request.

Our SWG then forwards the request to our web security cloud service, which thoroughly examines the metadata and other information related to the website or file.

Decision Making
Our cloud service then returns a response to the SWG, which determines whether the requested file is safe to access. If the file is found to contain harmful content, it will be blocked, and a warning message will be displayed to the user.

Content fetching
If the file is safe to access, our SWG retrieves it and links the user’s true IP address. The file’s contents are then further scanned to prevent malware from being downloaded.

Content delivery
Once all checks have been cleared, the safe content is delivered to the user’s browser.

Benefits of Mindfire’s web security services

We regularly test our web security solutions to ensure that they are up to date to protect your organisation against the latest cyber threats. Here are some specific benefits of our web security services:

Strong policies

We use several methods to determine which content should be blocked, allowed or time-restricted based on user activity, devices, keyword lists and preferences.

Encrypted websites

70% of all websites use encryption, leaving many illegitimate and malicious websites. We offer a deep inspection of SSL/TLS traffic.

Defence against threats

We secure your company’s online presence by using a traffic inspection solution, URL reputation monitoring, and advanced anti-malware capabilities.

URL categorisation

Mindfire assists businesses in preventing problems by automatically examining pages that have never been viewed before.

Unique protocols

We create and apply separate personal and guest device policies. This way, you can keep your business safe while allowing guests access to the internet and other necessary resources.

Page level classification

Our web security solution scans every page within the site.

Why choose Mindfire for web security solutions

There are a lot of different web security solutions out there, and it can be challenging to decide which is the best for your business. That’s why Mindfire offers an easy and customised solution that fits your needs perfectly. We understand that no two businesses are alike. Therefore we tailor our services to the specific needs of each. Our experienced cybersecurity professionals have over three decades of experience serving customers all over Britain. With CISSP, CREST CEH certification and other industry-leading qualifications, we know what it takes to provide the best possible web security solution. Contact us today to learn more about how our web security solution can protect your business from online threats.

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