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Web Application Firewall Services

In the lingering war against sophisticated cyber attackers, the defence and cybersecurity system of the enterprise is its shield and ammunition. To transition to the winning side of this war, you’ll need a robust set of tools and services in your arsenal. Websites and web applications are prone to cyber attacks as they are the gateway to valuable data stored on the cloud or other networks. These web application attacks are the leading causes of data security breaches today. Therefore, a web application firewall service should be part of your organisation’s cyber defence strategy if you want to fortify its web applications from these threats. Web application firewalls are designed to protect specific HTTP applications from malicious attackers and data and security breaches. As one of the best WAF cybersecurity vendors, Mindfire has robust solutions that’ll offer your organisation’s web application the layered protection it deserves.

What is a web application firewall?

A web application firewall, WAF, is designed to monitor, filter, and block traffic or data packets as they travel between your web application, application programming interfaces (API) and the internet. Web application firewalls secure websites, web servers, and applications from application layer attacks like SQL injections, cross-site forgery, cookie poisoning, etc. It does this by targeting, analysing and filtering Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) traffic moving from your web platform and the internet. Web application firewalls aim to prevent data exfiltrations that compromise your systems and their threat actors. They typically come in multiple configurations, as they could be SaaS cloud-based, network-based or host-based. Cybersecurity companies could deploy web application firewalls via a reverse proxy. They could also position it in front of the web application.

Web Application Firewall Services

How Mindfire’s Web Application Firewall Services Work?

Mindfire’s WAF is designed to defend the application layer’s perimeter (Layer 7) from malicious traffic.

It does this by analysing each HTTP request at that layer. In essence, attacks against web applications like JavaScript or Ajax, which could be undetected by some intrusion detection systems, are checkmated and blocked with the presence of Mindfire’s web application firewall. Unlike a standard network firewall that acts as a barrier between external and internal network traffic, Mindfire’s web application firewalls act as an intermediary that protects the web app server from threat actors. This firewall detects, filters and blocks malicious requests before they reach the web application or server.

Mindfire’s web application firewall functions by analysing hypertext transfer protocols and communication requests like GET and POST, which retrieve and send data to the server. This WAF adheres to a set of policies that predetermine web traffic safety. While other WAF vendors use the whitelisting or blacklisting approach to analyse and filter the content in the GET or POST requests, Mindfire employs a hybrid approach that encompasses both. With this approach, Mindfire’s WAF can only permit trusted requests to reach the server while using preset signatures to block malicious traffic.

WAF deployment

Mindfire can deploy a web application firewall in several ways.

The deployment mode is unique to your applications, services needed, and the architectural flexibility your organisation requires. WAF deployment modes could be:


A cloud-based web application firewall could be fully managed as a service, auto-provisioned or self-managed, giving you more control. Cloud-based WAFs are relatively easy to deploy and require fewer resources for implementation and management. This deployment mode secures web content and applications across a broad range of hosting locations while using policies to block application layer attacks via threat intelligence.


A web application firewall deployed on-premises could be done virtually or by a hardware appliance. An on-premises WAF satisfies organisations where flexibility, advanced security and performance are priorities. Such web app firewalls could be network-based, which uses a dedicated appliance, or host-based, which uses application libraries.

Why You Need Mindfire’s Web Application Firewalls

Mindfire’s WAF arms enterprises with the power to secure their web-based systems from diverse threats. These threats include zero-day exploits, impersonation, and malware infection, among other vulnerabilities. Our customised inspections enable our web application firewalls to detect and flag sophisticated web security flaws that could bypass traditional IDS systems.

More reasons why your modern enterprise needs Mindfire’s Web Application Firewalls include:


Web application firewalls are at the frontline of defence against the OSWAP Top 10, which features everything from injection attacks to broken authentication, and cross-site scripting (XSS) down to insecure deserialisation. These firewalls secure the organisation’s backend-stored sensitive data that malicious traffic can access through web applications.


Installing a firewall is a compliance standard. It is necessary and among the twelve requirements for PCI DSS compliance.


The legacy and continuity of your enterprise would be truncated by a data breach instigated by an ineffective web application firewall.

Mindfire’s Competitive Advantage

Integrating your cyber defence system with Micominder’s suite of tools, including our next-Gen web application firewall, can only be beneficial to the integrity and continuity of your enterprise. This way, your organisation is insured of holistic cybersecurity, which we at Mindfire offer.

A next-gen firewall

Mindfire’s web application firewall is a next-generation firewall. This means that it doesn’t solely apply to the application layer as it monitors and blocks malicious traffic from the site to the internet. This next-gen firewall also monitors traffic across websites, SaaS, and email accounts while offering zero-trust network access and advanced DDoS protection. In essence, with Mindfire’s next-gen WAF, you get not only a firewall that protects your organisation’s web applications but one that equally protects the user.

Machine learning

While traditional web application firewalls require manual reconfiguration or policy updates to tackle emerging vulnerabilities, Mindfire’s WAF integrates with machine learning to effect these updates automatically. Thus, saving organisations the time that would’ve been invested in manually tuning and remediating false positives - a repercussion of manual reconfiguration.

Advanced Reporting

Through advanced reporting, Mindfire’s WAF offers organisations complete visibility into the details of malicious traffic, threats, and vulnerabilities that terrorise their web applications. These attack logs serve as intelligence for SOC analysts.

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