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What is Threat Intelligence and Hunting Services?

The definition of threat hunting and threat intelligence is often conflated and might be confusing to some.

The ability to predict, investigate and eliminate cyber threats that could damage your business is a valuable skill to have in employees and contractors. As one of the best cybersecurity threat hunting and intelligence companies, we’ve had front-row seats to see the catastrophic damages that undetected cyber threats can erupt on a business. This is the reason we’re so committed to securing all the ends of your network’s ecosystem with our team of digital forensic experts. The definition of threat hunting and threat intelligence is often conflated and might be confusing to some. However, for our team at Mindfire, we believe our definition is an excellent reflection of our work ethic. We view threat intelligence and threat hunting as a set of calculated activities carried out proactively to unmask and increase the detection of evolving or non-remediated threats embedded in an organisation’s network. As a cyber threat hunting insider, Mindfire understands the intricacies of carrying out both sets of activities. This is why we can categorically say your business is in safe hands. While we can admit that threat intelligence and threat hunting are complementary, your company’s best interest is to have both services in its cyber defence strategy.

‘What’s the difference between cyber threat intelligence and threat hunting?’

You might ask. Here’s the answer from Mindfire’s cyber security experts:

Threat Intelligence and Hunting Services

Why your organisation needs Mindfire’s threat intelligence and hunting services

Your cyber defence is fortified with threat hunting and intelligence services like Mindfire.

Today’s business environment is integrated with network, software and technological resources that need to be collaborative for a thriving digital work environment. Thus, more avenues within an organisation’s infrastructure are liable to vulnerabilities that malicious actors could exploit. While your cybersecurity provider could checkmate these vulnerabilities, sophisticated threats can bypass automated cybersecurity measures and endpoint defences. Thus, these threats could remain undetected while the malicious actor penetrates your digital environment collecting confidential data with which they can move laterally across your network. However, your cyber defence is fortified with threat hunting and intelligence services like Mindfire. There are several benefits of threat intelligence and hunting services to your organisation. They include:

  • Threat hunting and intelligence reduces the time between an attacker’s intrusion and discovery.
  • It predicts threats and helps organisations plan against attacks.
  • It identifies threats as they arise, revealing their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP).
  • It reduces the degree of damage done by the threat or attacker.
  • It saves your organisation from incurring the financial costs of a data breach.
  • It highlights the unknown quicker and enables security teams to make better-informed decisions.
  • Empowers business stakeholders, CIOs and CTOs with coveted information with which they can spearhead investments, mitigate risks, and create a more efficient network

How Mindfire’s Threat Intelligence and Hunting Works

we can search, identify and eliminate Threat by Mindfire’s threat intelligence & hunting services

Threat Intelligence

As one of the best threat hunters, we employ a data-centric approach. Mindfire utilises threat intelligence systems, SIEMs, IPS and IDS to procure crowdsourced and evidence-based data on the proof of an asset’s compromise.

Once this data is analysed, it goes through the remaining stages of the threat intelligence lifecycle to become finished intelligence. After this, Mindfire’s tactical threat intelligence software begins infrastructure monitoring for undetected existing and emerging threats using the finished intelligence as a guide. Said threats could be visiting the blocklisted IP addresses, URLs, tools or processes.

Because threat actors are likely to follow an intrusion pattern that is low risk, Mindfire’s human-led operational threat intelligence analysts monitor and provide context into how the malicious actor plans and operates. In essence, our analysts reveal their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP), delivering intelligence reporting and custom IOCs tailored to the threats in your endpoint.

Threat Hunting

Mindfire’s threat hunting steps involve investigating triggers and resolving threats. Our advanced threat hunting and incidence response software uses the finished threat intelligence to find and eliminate lurking threats in an organisation’s network.

This software complements our team of human-led threat hunters who employ data analysis, machine learning and EDR to investigate and detect the presence of anomalies. Mindfire’s user and entity behaviour analytics also discover compromised identities, while our deep log analyses also go a long way in connecting IOC sources. Once Mindfire cybersecurity detects a valid threat from behaviours like data exfiltration or lateral movements across an infrastructure, we engage our threat mitigation techniques to block and minimise damages.

Mindfire is a team of adept cybersecurity experts with the technologies and skills to rid your organisation of present and emerging vulnerabilities and threats while mitigating the damages. With our threat intelligence and hunting services, we will checkmate the access and existence of these threat actors to your network by studying their attack patterns to design effective cybersecurity defence strategies with which we can search, identify and eliminate them. Our competitive advantage is the synergy of our automated solutions with our human-led threat-hunting approach. This guarantees faster results and a better response 24/7.

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