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What Are Source Code Review Services?

Source code review involves a manual and/or automated assessment of an application’s source code.

To help locate any security vulnerabilities in the code. While this review does not try to find every single issue present in the code, it provides elucidation into what issues there currently are and assists the developers’ comprehension of what sort of problems exist in the code. The mission of source code review is to provide developers with the information needed to strengthen the application’s source code and enhance its overall security.

The Reason

Why Does Your Company Need Source Code Security Review?

Source code reviews help to protect your code and keep your organisation secure. Here is what source code review from Mindfire can do for your business:

Source Code Security Review

Simplify Quality Assurance (QA) tests

The QA testing period will feel more manageable, and source code review can even speed up the whole process, as it eliminates the need for a reworking scenario in the development stage.

Catch bugs

Mindfire helps to conserve your time and money by catching bugs as early as possible. The quicker a bug is detected, the cheaper it is to fix. We can transparently track every bug lingering in the source code.

Provide invaluable insights

Source code review encourages knowledge learning and sharing. By choosing Mindfire's source code review services, every team member will have a clearer comprehension of coding flaws. We can also help developers understand how to adapt to techniques, changes, and best practices.

Ensure continuity

Source code review ensures that all code lines have all the required comments attached as well as correct code organisation. By targeting these aspects, we deliver maximum continuity and consistency to your business.

Improve source code quality

Source code reviews can enhance the quality of code and standards, leading to better integration and software function. This means your source code can be thoroughly-tested, bug-free, and efficient too!

Provide effective documentation

Our systematic documentation will present insights into code weaknesses, bugs, and suggested improvements. This can make it easier and simpler for developers to make upgrades in the future.

Improve return on investment (ROI)

We can help improve your company’s ROI by speeding up tech-related processes, making them more secure, and using a smaller amount of resources and time.

Reduce delivery defects

By hiring Mindfire for source code analysis, you reduce the amount of flaws that are unearthed later on in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

How to Secure Source Code?

There are steps that your business can take to protect your source code aside from hiring Mindfire’s expert services.

  1. Ensure that all inventions and concepts associated with the software are thoroughly protected by both patents and copyright law. Patents protect your idea; copyright protects the actual written code.

  2. Form a source code protection policy by creating a set of rules relating to the code. This can help keep software and devices safe from outside threats. This policy should include information such as documentation on secure coding practices, individuals involved in code development, and source code development processes.

  3. Determine who is permitted access to the source code. There should not be any reason why anyone except for proactive employees should be working on your code. Still, two-factor authentication should be launched for anyone with access for maximum protection. This stops people with ill intent from getting into your code.

  4. Do not permit the use of insecure source code. To avoid this, you should utilise source code security analysis tools, such as Static Application Security Testing (SAST) as well as Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools.

  5. As basic protection, you should also incorporate network security solutions such as anti-virus software, anti-malware software, and firewalls. This protects your code from potential hackers and maintains safe data sharing.

  6. Use encryption for your data and ensure you monitor it sufficiently. In doing so, you can prevent hackers from infiltrating or, at the very least, be ready to act fast if an attack does occur.

  7. Use endpoint security software to help protect your endpoints from suspicious activity. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools are great for this. They can effectively stop your code from leaving the endpoint (and prevent it from undergoing data exfiltration).

Best practices for conducting a strong source code.

Review entail using both manual and automated reviews in tandem. Mindfire, therefore, uses both to maximise the strength of the review. An automated review allows for effective and fast analysis of vast codebases through the use of reputable tools. These include SAST tools, which can help to give additional insight and allow developers to remediate weaknesses prior to the code being checked in. This helps to locate any weakness in real time.

A manual review is a detailed assessment of the whole codebase. This can be very laborious and long-winded, but it can find flaws that an automated review may miss.

How Does Mindfire’s Source Code Security Review Work?

By combining both reviews, the security of the source code is enhanced. It decreases the number of vulnerabilities that creep in.

  • Examining coding standards, guidelines, and documentation of software.
  • Communicating with you about the application.
  • Locating security design issues.
  • Exploring various areas in the application code.
  • Finding unvalidated data weaknesses in the code as well as insufficient coding techniques.
  • Assessing any security red flags relating to particular framework tech.

Upon completion of the source code review, Mindfire will present you with a list of the various vulnerabilities found by our reputable experts and the steps you can take to improve the source code. We are always available for additional consultation should you need it after the review.

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