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What is Security Operations Centre as a Service?

SOC or security operation centre is the part of an organisation that handles all cybersecurity tasks and processes.

Organisations are advised to have 24/7 security operations to make the most of their cybersecurity strategy. However, many companies find it hard to implement an internal security operations centre and opt for managed SOC providers such as Mindfire. We offer a comprehensive, outsourced security operation centre as a service (SOCaaS) that handles your critical security functions. Our subscription-based model delivers cloud-based services with round-the-clock threat monitoring and response.

SOC security experts look for cybersecurity threats by monitoring your logs, cloud environments, devices, systems and network. In addition to constant monitoring, we detect and investigate cyberattacks across your entire organisation. If we find an intrusive threat, our SOC teams consult with your internal IT or security teams to begin remediation as soon as possible.

Benefits of security operations centre

Some of the benefits of using a security operations centre services include:

Security Operations Centre

Cost reduction

Managed security operations centres offer dedicated SOC services without the high costs of implementing an in-house cybersecurity operations centre. Because of the subscription model of security operation centre services, businesses only incur usage costs and do not have monthly staffing and operating expenses. In addition, constantly upgrading your in-house security infrastructure to keep up with new cybersecurity technologies becomes costly.

Efficient threat detection and remediation

Managed security operations monitor your security needs 24/7, meaning they can detect threats faster and issue immediate alerts and rapid responses. Because SOC security teams can access cloud-based services at all hours, there is little chance of a cyberattack going unnoticed.

Supports business scalability

As your organisation grows, your security needs will need to adapt to keep your business fully protected. With managed SOC services, you can easily enhance or reduce security requirements based on your business needs.

Simplifies SOC adoption

Implementing an internal SOC is complicated and requires considerable work. Few organisations have the capabilities to implement their own security operations centre framework from design to operation. By engaging a security ops centre such as Mindfire, your business gets a ready-to-use security operations centre.

Provide instant security expertise

With the help of Mindfire’s SOC centre, you have cybersecurity experts on-hand to provide professional cybersecurity services. We provide professional recommendations and constantly communicate with your organisation to guide your internal teams.

Leverage the latest cybersecurity technologies

Most small-to-medium- size businesses view cybersecurity as an expense, meaning they cannot afford to maintain quality cybersecurity technologies. Using a network security operations centre such as Mindfire gives even the smallest business access to technical expertise optimised for your specific business needs.

Reduces internal IT staff duties

Your IT teams have to deal with numerous tasks and are usually overwhelmed even before dealing with vulnerability assessments. This allows vigilant cybercriminals to exploit your systems when your IT team is not paying sufficient attention to your security systems. Mindfire can take full control of your cybersecurity needs and give your internal staff members the chance to focus on profit-making tasks.

Why should You choose SOC?

If you are serious about the security of your business

you may have an idea of the significant costs and effort it takes to keep your security posture intact. You need to spend time recruiting security experts, looking for cybersecurity technologies, and properly implementing an information security operations centre.

Some of the common barriers that you may face when implementing your own cyber security SOC include:

How to Evaluate SOC managed services

The number of managed services available can be overwhelming and difficult to choose between.

You need to understand the services provided and choose those relevant to your business needs. You should use two basic strategies to determine which security operation centre processes and services your business requires.

  • Look at the current cybersecurity infrastructure in your organisation and the control measures in place. Examine the use of tools such as firewalls and identify areas of inefficiencies. Identify gaps a managed SOC service can fill, including a lack of expertise.

  • Identify cybersecurity services that your organisation requires yet is unable to implement. This could be due to factors such as budgetary constraints or lack of cyber soc analysts.

Benefits of security operations centre

When you have identified which security operations services you require

look for the following functional features, as they will dictate the effectiveness of service provision.

A cloud-based platform

A cloud-based platform with robust access control and multi-factor authentication. This portal should provide customisable content such as updates, analytics, visual guides, threat tickets and status, as well as reports. It should also be able to be accessed by your employees on different levels, granting them different rights.

Reliable 24/7 communication

Reliable 24/7 communication channels that can be used to escalate and remediate threat events quickly. Security assessment professionals must recognise significant events and communicate recommendations and action plans to appropriate staff members.

Services compliant

Services compliant with your industry and regional requirements.

Provision of IT security soc services

Provision of IT security soc services from at least two separate locations to ensure your business is able to recover from an attack quickly.

Certified security assessment

Certified security assessment professionals with experience in the specific technologies used to monitor and maintain your business networks

Seamless integration

Seamless integration with your current security incident response and the protocols your use after a security breach.

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