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Many companies need to conduct more complex cybersecurity activities, and they struggle to deal with numerous threats and incident reports from different sources. With disparate tools with unique capabilities, it becomes difficult to gain full visibility and control over your security environment. Open eXtended Detection and Response (Open XDR), or hybrid XDR, is a vendor-inclusive platform that relies on third-party integrations to create an interconnected system that helps businesses overcome these challenges.

Open XDR technology as Everything Detection and Response as it performs multiple activities

Some of include here:

  • Extending endpoint detection and response (EDR) to endpoints outside your managed network.
  • Seamlessly integrating with existing security tools and unifying multiple security capabilities on a single SaaS platform.
  • Automatically correlating low-confidence threat activities into prioritised higher-level threat activities.

The end result? Efficient and effective high-speed threat detection and automated response across your entire security stack.

Open XDR Solution

Open XDR platforms collect and automatically collate and analyse system data across various security layers such as:

  • Networks
  • Emails
  • Servers
  • Endpoints
  • Cloud workloads

Benefits of Implementing Open XDR

Open XDR technology provides numerous benefits for organisations that struggle to deal with security threats and incident alerts. It works to counter cybersecurity attacks that are constantly adapting and spread across a large attack environment. Mindfire is able to implement Open XDR solutions to organisations of all sizes, and our team offers multi-tiered defence solutions that work on a single platform.

Some of the benefits Mindfire’s Open XDR can bring to your business include:

  • Provide multilayer security solutions to reduce the threat of cyber breaches.
  • Improve risk management by identifying the source and cause of cyberattacks.
  • Allow clients to Install single-pane management solutions to control security systems and monitor potential threats.
  • Reduce complexity by collating a large number of low-risk incident alerts across different cybersecurity solutions and prioritising critical alerts.
  • Enable security experts to conduct security operations quickly.
  • Allow for full-stack integrations or installation of individual products that are within your organisation’s budget.
  • Provide a range of products that can work in combination with existing cyber threat products and also allow for scalability.
  • Cloud-delivered security to reduce integration costs and lower the total cost of ownership.
  • Prevent vendor lock-in and instead allow for product integration so you can take advantage of multiple tools and capabilities.
  • Increase organisational cybersecurity maturity levels to strengthen threat detection, monitoring and reporting capabilities.
  • Use third-party integration to increase visibility into your organisation’s security systems.
  • Cut infosec costs by simplifying and unifying security products and reducing licensing and training costs.

Mindfire Open XDR Capabilities

Our Open XDR aims to protect your organisation’s threat environment from one platform. This means it must offer multiple capabilities.


Mindfire’s Next-Gen SIEM is unrivalled, being the only Next-Gen SIEM in the market designed specifically for lean security teams.

Although these teams may not have the capital to implement complex cybersecurity technologies, they still need to identify threats from complex polymorphic or multi-vector attacks.

This unique platform performs multiple tasks, such as

  • Eliminating duplicate and irrelevant alerts.
  • Reducing the number of false positive alerts.
  • Ensuring compliance by ingesting and retaining log data, network security alerts and telemetry data.
  • Contextualising threats by automatically normalising, analysing and enriching data.
  • Using machine learning along with a heuristic approach for efficient threat detection.
  • Automatically combining alerts into an incident.
  • Identifying threat attack paths right from the entry point.
  • Efficiently searching for contextualised data and enabling infosec teams to perform prompt threat-hunting activities.


We recognise that no two EDRs are identical. Hence Mindfire’s Open XDR technology uses a Universal EDR tool that can integrate with any EDR and guarantee it meets our high-performance levels.

The tool features:

  • Multi-EDR support from all major EDRs.
  • Integration with either multiple EDRs or single-source EDRs.
  • Management of all operations from a single platform.
  • Plug-and-play functionalities for easy configuration.
  • Reduction of alerts by processing both EDR alerts and raw data.
  • Intelligent auto-correlation to place the Universal EDR in context with organisational systems.


Mindfire AI-based NDR capabilities include:

  • Threat detection based on multiple search methods.
  • Threat hunting through unsupervised machine learning (ML).
  • Identification of faulty or bad supervised ML.
  • Implementing security rules based on known bad behaviours and threat intelligence.
  • Use of network signatures on your intrusion detection system (IDS).

Our NDR monitors traffic between your organisation's internal devices and the traffic between your network and the internet. The technology uses sensors both on-site and in the cloud to monitor the whole network. It also creates new types of alerts through analysis of third-party telemetry and alerts such as IDS or firewalls.

Automated response

Our Open XDR platform lets you reduce your MTTR (mean time to remediate/repair) your systems after a security incident. The tool integrates with your existing tools and performs response actions through the same tools.

These include:

  • Firewalls
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools
  • Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) products

We provide a multi-functional dashboard that enables you to respond immediately to suspicious activities as soon as your investigations are complete.

Additionally, we provide relevant contextual information such as threat intelligence, username and geolocation. This, along with the correlation of alerts, reduces the risk of false positives and lets you respond promptly and confidently.

Ticketing systems

Automated threat hunting

We create threat-hunting playbooks that give explicit direction on how your infosec teams should respond to alerts.

S3 access logs

We use Simple Storage Service (S3) access logs to block public access to objects within the bucket. It helps organisations comply with mandatory cybersecurity standards such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS and UK-GDPR.

ELB access logs

Elastic Load Balancing gives access logs that collect information regarding who is accessing your online web resources. By gathering information regarding requests made to load balancers, we can analyse web traffic patterns and troubleshoot problems.

Why Choose Mindfire for Topnotch Open XDR Solutions?

At Mindfire CS, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality cybersecurity services, and consistently deliver over and above the traditional role of an infosec company that just issues threat alerts.

Some of our unequalled offerings include:

  • Award-winning technology, round-the-clock monitoring, and expert Open XDR tech support.
  • Personalised system configuration that provides comprehensive correlation rules and a streamlined, well-coordinated incident escalation process.
  • In-depth root-cause analysis (RCA) of cybersecurity events to identify underlying causes.
  • Constant monitoring to provide full visibility to guarantee prompt remediation.

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