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Network Security Solutions

The war against sophisticated cyber attacks is always looming, and the dynamic nature of present-day digital networks like the Cloud or SaaS tools have inherent vulnerabilities that malicious attackers can exploit. To checkmate the onset of the damaging repercussions that could manifest if, say, one of these unrelenting attackers breaches your network environment, businesses that have integrated these network solutions into their operations need comprehensive network security. While effective cybersecurity practices focus on various aspects of an organisation’s digital ecosystem, network security is primary. As one of the leading cybersecurity companies in the UK, Mindfire offers modern businesses a robust and holistic cyber defence system that can secure your network while annihilating potential threats and mitigating vulnerabilities from all endpoints. This defence system includes network security architecture that will render your network environment and resources secure and impenetrable by sophisticated intrusions, threats and breaches.

What is Network Security solution?

Network Security is a broad term that encompasses a series of activities, controls, rules, configurations and technologies directed towards protecting the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of an enterprise’s underlying network infrastructure. A robust network security service provides layered protection. It prevents unauthenticated and unauthorised access to network resources, data theft and exfiltration, DDoS attacks, etc. Therefore, permitting users, devices and applications to function and co-exist securely.

network security solutions

How Mindfire’s Network Security Solution works

Possesses multiple layers of defences

A network is a hub of interconnected devices, servers, and IT resources. It is the resting place of your company’s most sensitive information. A network is typically multilayered, so it’s expected that basic network security possesses multiple layers of defences.

Network security architecture

Mindfire’s network security architecture equips each security layer with advanced hardware and software tools, policies and controls that guarantee their safety. These network security controls are affiliated with threat and access controls, which could be physical, technical or administrative.

Physical security controls

Mindfire’s physical security controls prevent unmitigated physical access by threat actors to components like routers, servers, etc. This is done via multifactor or biometric authentication.

Administrative security controls

Mindfire’s administrative security controls are policies and processes that control user behaviour. This way, only authorised users are granted access, while malicious actors masquerading as verified users are blocked.

Technical controls

Our technical controls safeguard data in transit to or from the network. These controls deny unauthorised persons access and also checkmate malicious employee activities.

Mindfire’s competitive advantage

While other cyber network security solution vendors deploy mediocre tools to combat threats and vulnerabilities in a network, Mindfire’s network security system features robust services that fortify all layers in a network environment. These services include:

Next-Gen Firewalls

Traditional firewalls inspect and control incoming and outgoing traffic within a website. They act as barriers between the trusted and untrusted areas in a network and use a defined set of rules to block or deny flagged traffic access to the network. Mindfire’s next-Gen firewalls do this and so much more. They possess additional embellishments like application awareness, advanced IPS and IDS, threat intelligence, etc., providing comprehensive protection for networks and resources against application layer attacks. These next-gen firewalls also use deep packet inspection as an additional shield against advanced malware.

Network Access Control

Limiting access to your business’ network applications and systems to pre-determined users and endpoints prevents threat actors from infiltrating your network. Mindfire’s network access control (NAC) checkmates and blocks unsanctioned access by authorisation and authentication tools. Unlike other cybersecurity vendors, our NAC service integrates identity and access management (IAM) products that help identify role-based access control policies (RBAC). Thus, ensuring that each verified user or device within the network gains access to resources within their entitlement.


Mindfire’s VPN network security service ensures that verified users from remote endpoints can securely connect to your network and access resources. This is because information between these two points is encrypted via tunnelling protocols, and said user would need to authenticate before access is granted. This service benefits organisations with remote workers as they can access their company’s network remotely and securely, as our next-Gen firewall network security solution secures this channel.

Endpoint Security

Mindfire’s endpoint security service renders all endpoints within your network impenetrable to threat actors. These endpoints could be computers or mobile devices; by protecting them, you protect their associated data and workflows. This security system detects, analyses, circumvents and contains attacks already in progress. Therefore, Mindfire’s endpoint security provides comprehensive defence from evolving zero-day threats and sophisticated malware.


Mindfire’s Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is part of its access control solutions. Here, verified users are only granted the access and permission required to fulfil their roles. For instance, in a content management system, a user might have access to view a file but not permission to edit or comment on it. This way, data exfiltrations and DDoS attacks are checkmated within the network.

Why you need Mindfire’s Network Security solutions

With today’s network architecture’s complexity and dynamic nature, network security is non-negotiable for a thriving business. Your business needs Mindfire’s network security services for several reasons. Mediocre or inexistent network security exposes your organisation to threat exploitation, disrupting its operations. This operational disruption creates a domino effect of financial losses from the inability to conduct business activities. It could also incite financial losses from compromised intellectual properties, as well as from legal battles, etc.

Also, a security breach will tarnish the reputation of your business as clients will no longer feel safe, while investors might withdraw their support. Thus, a robust network security protection like that which Mindfire offers might be precisely what your business needs to maintain its legacy and continuity. Network security should be the highest priority for businesses with operational network systems and data. Mindfire’s suite of network security solutions protects all layers in the network, from the application to the physical layer. Our comprehensive security for networks safeguards your digital environment, assets and resources from viruses, sophisticated malware, camouflaging threat actors, worms, trojans, spyware and adware. In addition, our network security systems manage your organisation’s network traffic more efficiently and, by so doing, enhance network performance and data security.

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