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Mitre Attack Framework Cybersecurity Testing Services

Cyberattacks are a growing threat to businesses across industries, which is why a cybersecurity framework is essential to detect, understand and mitigate the risks of attacks. Our cybersecurity testing services with the Mitre Attack framework aim to detect vulnerabilities in your business operations and provide guidance on preventing and responding to cyber threats today.

Get Acquainted with Mitre ATT&CK Framework

ATT&CK is an acronym for Adversarial Tactics, Techniques and Common Knowledge. Mitre ATT&CK framework is a detailed matrix of tactics and techniques to counter cyberattackers by revealing the various phases of their life cycle. Since it was designed for threat hunters, defenders and red teams, Mitre ATT&CK help identify attack patterns and objectives and assess a business vulnerability. Mitre ATT&CK has three iterations to help your business:

  1. ATT&CK for enterprise focuses on attackers' behaviour in Windows, Mac, Linux and Cloud environments.
  2. Mobile ATT&CK focuses on attackers' behaviour on iOS and Android operating systems.
  3. ATT&CK for ICS focuses on describing the actions attackers may take while operating in an ICS network.

Cybersecurity testing services can use ATT&CK to create attacker emulation scenarios to test and verify defence controls against common cyber threats. It makes it easier for IT security experts to track attacks and rate the effectiveness of the software defence tools.

Mitre Attack Framework

Why Your Organisation Needs Mitre ATT&CK

Every business, including yours, needs the ATT&CK framework to ensure a robust cybersecurity strategy and stay ahead of attackers. Our IT security experts can use Mitre ATT&CK to

  1. Prioritise detection based on your organisation's unique environment. Since the most well-resourced IT security team cannot protect against all forms of attack equally, the Mitre framework offers a blueprint for your team to focus their detection efforts. By exploring the different techniques ATT&CK has to offer, the IT security team can leverage the tool to track progress over time.
  2. Evaluate your organisation's current defences and the depth of coverage around essential attack techniques. The cybersecurity team can assess the effectiveness of their security operation and defensive measures to identify areas for improvement. By assessing cybersecurity threats, our IT security experts can evaluate your organisation's current cyber defence coverage stacks up in case of a potential attack.
  3. Track attack groups of particular threat to your business or organisation. ATT&CK continues to evolve as new cyber threats emerge, making it a valuable tool to track and comprehend cyberattackers' behaviours and techniques.

How We Will Leverage Mitre ATT&CK for Your Cyber Defence

With ATT&CK, we can help your organisation or business to build a robust security framework to curb the incidence of cyber-attacks.

Adversary Emulation

Our IT security experts will use Mitre ATT&CK to create attack emulation scenarios to test and verify your system defence. This will let them know how attackers operate to carry out a threat.

Red Teaming

Acting as an adversary, we will help you use the ATT&CK framework to create red team plans, provide security feedback and organise operations to demonstrate the impact of a breach.

Incidence Investigation

With the Mitre ATT&CK framework, IT security experts can investigate how an attack works and the malware used. We will leverage this information to identify the Mitre ATT&CK technique used and take advantage of the data provided by the framework.

Threat Detection

ATT&CK describes ways to detect threats from potential attackers. We can use this information to develop security rules for your organisation in a security information and event management solution to curb future attacks.


Since Mitre Attack makes reporting more accessible, our analysts can use tools to generate reports about a technique used by attackers and provide details and mitigation when needed.

Defence Gap Assessment

Our IT security experts will use the Mitre framework to assess existing or new tools before purchase to determine security vulnerabilities and help fix them

Security Operations Centre Assessment

Our IT security team can use the ATT&CK framework to determine how effectively your security operations centre is detecting, analysing and responding to cyberattacks.

Threat Hunting

Mitre Attack makes it easy to detect and track threats across your system. Our IT experts can evaluate each of the techniques in the framework and determine if attackers have targeted your business.

Mitre Attack Matrix; How Attackers Operate

ATT&CK has 14 valuable tactics that can help you study adversary behaviours to counter potential cyberattacks.

In surveillance, the adversary is trying to gather information about your organisation, which they can use to plan future operations.

Resource development
In resource development, cyber attackers try to create, purchase or steal resources they can use to sustain their operations.

Initial access
In this phase, the tactic is to try to get into your organisation's network by targeted spear phishing and exploiting weaknesses on public-facing web servers.

In execution, the attacker tries to run malicious code on your system to reinforce the attack.

The attacker will try to gain a foothold to keep access to your system to prevent being cut off in case of a restart, change of credential or other interruption.

Privilege escalation
This tactic consists of techniques to gain higher-level permissions on a system or network by taking advantage of system weakness or misconfiguration.

Defence evasion
In defence evasion, the attacker tries to avoid detection through uninstalling security software or encrypting data and scripts.

Credentials access
This tactic consists of the attacker's techniques for stealing data, like account names and passwords.

In discovery, the attacker is trying to learn about your system and internal network.

Lateral movement
In this tactic, the attacker tries to get into and control a remote system on your network.

In the collection, the attacker is trying to gather relevant data. Typical targets are drive types, browsers and email.

Command and control
Attackers try to communicate with the compromised system to manipulate them.

This tactic consists of techniques like compressing and encrypting data that attackers use to steal information from your network.

The attacker tries to manipulate or disrupt your business and the operational process by destroying or tampering with your data.

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