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Managed Network Detection and Response Services

As a modern-day business owner, the war against cyber attacks is never-ending.

Your digital infrastructure and assets could be stolen or compromised once you take your eye off the ball. The evolution of these cyber attacks has been the demise of several businesses as they do not possess the digital armour to win this war. This is because firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS) don’t seem to cut it anymore. In essence, the longevity of your business depends on your ability to upgrade its security measures.

As a modern-day business owner, you need a defence system that unifies advanced network threat detection tools with intelligence systems and integrated response. Luckily, the unison of these solutions is in Mindfire’s Managed Network Detection and Response service. This service proactively checkmates the invasion of threats by constantly monitoring your network, and on the bright side, you won’t need to hire additional skilled resources.

What is Managed Network Detection and Response?

MNDR is a solution that prevents and mitigates the impact of user or entity-based threats.

Managed network detection and response, MNDR, is an emerging service that continuously monitors a network’s infrastructure for managed and unmanaged threats embedded in it.

It is designed to improve an organisation’s resilience and immunity to threat actors by comprehensively understanding their techniques while actively hunting for threats on all infrastructure from network to cloud, IoT, etc.

Managed Network Detection and Response

Managed NDR focuses on:

Managed NDR solutions provide continuous monitoring and holistic visibility of both managed and unmanaged infrastructure ranging from cloud services to IoT devices, etc.

Managed NDR solutions provide advanced expertise in monitoring and classifying complex, multi-channel threats and their remediation. This solution is delivered without the need to expand your cybersecurity team.

Managed NDR services implement integrations into your organisation’s network environment. These integrations could be endpoint analysis and validation to develop threat containment strategies.

Why do you need a managed network detection and response solution?

Traditional security teams find adapting their cyber defence systems to outpace the evolving cyber-attacks challenging.

In previous times, intrusion defence systems sufficed, even with the challenge of false positives, leading to organisations mistaking their legitimate software as malware. Today, Managed NDR eliminates this problem while proffering network processing, forensics and threat intelligence abilities to improve your organisation’s security posture. Several reasons why your organisation needs an MNDR service exist. Some of them are:

  • Your organisation needs a managed network detection and response tool to uncover malicious intent and sophisticated attackers even when they camouflage as justified activities.
  • You need managed NDR tools, especially if your organisation doesn’t possess the expertise to partner with its internal resources.
  • MNDR tools help business owners gain situational awareness of their network environment.

The critical importance of a managed NDR service to businesses is evident in Gartner’s network-centric SOC visibility triad. This triad features SIEM systems, EDR tools and Managed NDR. Independently, the three security systems are great, but they create security gaps which close when they’re in unison. For instance, SIEM is a data source which needs the constant monitoring and network coverage that MNDR provides. MNDR needs security leads that SIEM and UEBA provide, while EDR covers the endpoint threats, exposing the rest of the network. The combination of these three tools results in the equilibrium of the SOC visibility triad, which offers impenetrable security to threats and malicious attackers. In essence, while an MNDR service will alleviate the existence of threats in your network, nothing beats the layered protection of the SOC triad.

Benefits of an MNDR service

The Benefits of an MNDR for your success business

Improved risk posture

The proactive threat hunting and cross-core monitoring offered by an MNDR service will significantly improve your organisation’s threat risk posture as it elevates its cybersecurity level.


Not only are MNDR services affordable and effective, but they also reduce the cost burden your organisation would incur from hiring skilled expertise.

Less responsibility

Mindfire's MNDR service absolves you of dealing with monitoring and mitigating threats in your network. This way, you have one less responsibility to focus on.

Outpace cyber attackers

The advanced tools embedded in an MNDR service provides industry-leading solutions for threat monitoring, detection, investigation, and demolition.

How Mindfire’s MNDR service works?

We leverage the power of MNDR to identify new threats lurking in your network.

Mindfire’s managed network detection and response service integrates with your organisation’s IT department to capture, optimise and store network traffic emerging from or going to multiple infrastructures. We leverage the power of MNDR to identify new threats lurking in your network.

Clients can break down Mindfire’s MNDR service offerings into these core points: Mindfire’s Managed Network Detection and Response service features a skilled team of SOC analysts who consistently monitor your organisation’s network environment with advanced tech for new and non-remediated threats. Your business is guaranteed legacy when you choose us.

Holistic visibility

Increased visibility is the core point of an MNDR service. At Mindfire, we provide end-to-end visibility at the network, host, and user levels for easy detection of a compromise. This includes network-wide visibility of all traffic entering, leaving or moving within the network in real-time.

Log management

We recognise that SIEM technologies can have blind spots while sophisticated attackers can evade EDR. This is why we’ve optimised our NDR solutions with advanced machine learning to comb through data logs to detect malicious behaviours in the form of data exfiltrations, lateral movements, or malware communications.

Data and analytics

Mindfire's MNDR service includes data visualisation, network telemetry, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. These tools identify stealth threats that have evaded traditional security tools.

Rapid Response

Mindfire's managed NDR service captures threats and automatically initiates a response. Our MNDR technology could initiate a damage-control procedure in the event of compromised assets or a threat removal protocol if the threat is caught in the early stages of an attack.

Detailed reports

Mindfire's NDR service relinquishes detailed reports of identified threats, attack patterns and compromised assets (if any) to the organisation.

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