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What is Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Services

One way to achieve this is by integrating your network with a Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service.

Modern-day business environments have perks. From integrated networks to seamless movements across IPs, URLs, or applications, businesses in the digital space enjoy the convenience of advanced technology in their networks. On the other hand, user and entity-instigated cyber attacks and vulnerabilities have become more robust than ever. Hence, your firewalls and antiviruses won’t cut it anymore.

Fortifying your organisation’s network with an impenetrable cyber defence system is the only way to emerge victorious in this lingering digital war against malicious attackers. One way to achieve this is by integrating your network with a Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service. As one of the best MDR cybersecurity companies, we’ve witnessed the damage these threat actors can bequeath to an organisation. For some, the data breach, compromised or stolen assets prevent them from fully getting back on their feet.

Mindfire cares about your business, and this is why we’re dedicated to securing all its ends with our Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service.

What is EDR?

EDR stands for Endpoint Detection and Response, also known as Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (ETDR).

It is a cybersecurity solution that uses sophisticated tools to monitor and collect endpoint data for detecting and investigating abnormal behaviours, indicators of compromise (IOCs), malware, etc., in a network. Endpoint Detection and Response tools secure the endpoints of devices connected to and from your organisation’s network. These endpoints could be hardware, like laptops or computers. They could also be software like servers, cloud computing, IoT, etc.

EDRs are better suited to identify APTs because they are designed to preemptively detect potential threats in a network before they manifest in the form of data breaches, exfiltration and compromised assets. Endpoint detection and response involves advanced automation and is usually deployed as part of an intrusion detection system (IDS) or used in conjunction with SIEM protocols.

While EDR is a great tool, it does generate a lot of data which needs human analyses. This is where Mindfire’s managed endpoint detection and response team comes in.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

What is MDR?

Managed endpoint detection and response (MDR) is endpoint security-as-a-service.

It entails the deployment of SOC analysts to review EDR data to identify useful intelligence. With this intelligence, MDR adjusts the network to identify threat actors or their behaviours more efficiently while remediating identified threats automatically. Managed EDR solutions are refined EDR systems. Hence they are associated with incident validation and remote response. Managed EDR or MDR can independently secure your organisation’s networks as it also includes threat remediation approaches when detected. Regardless of its forte, complementing Managed EDR systems with other cybersecurity approaches like threat hunting and intelligence systems or USM will fortify your network against all types of threats and vulnerabilities due to the layered protection these solutions offer in unison.


You might be curious about the difference and similarities between MDR and EDR.

While both systems are designed to increase a network’s security posture, they possess distinctive features. Similarities

  • They are both concerned with the improved visibility and identification of threats.
  • They both monitor endpoints.

Traditional MDR is better used with extended detection and response (XDR). This is because XDR extends visibility across the network’s infrastructure and isn’t limited to endpoints.

Why you need MDR

Managed Endpoint Detection and response services significantly impact an organisation's security. You need MDR services to:

Prioritise threats

Threats need to be prioritised in order of severity and mitigated in that order. An effective MDR service filters through extensive information on potential threats and arranges them based on impact.

Reduce your MTTD

Organisations that use Mindfire’s MDR service immediately reduce their mean time-to-detect (MTTD) and respond to threats. This proactive service cuts the time from the typical 280 days to just a few minutes, giving you much-needed efficiency.

Fortify your business’ security

MDR enhances the security posture of your business. By preempting threats and monitoring their behaviours, we can tailor your cyber defences to annihilate rogue systems, thus leaving your network more resilient to cyber-attacks. One of the significant benefits of acquiring an MDR service is that it helps organisations to enhance their security without hiring an additional IT specialist. Thus, it is a practical yet economical approach to cybersecurity.

How Mindfire’s MDR service works

Mindfire’s MDR is integrated with XDR platforms

To offer full-spectrum security and threat-focused event analyses across your organisation’s infrastructure. Our dedicated team of SOC analysts continuously monitor and investigate malicious behaviours and potential vulnerabilities across all endpoints to gain insight, with which we design strategies to prevent and mitigate threats.

Here’s how our process looks: With the flood of threat intelligence, forensic data and advanced analytics offered by EDR tools, Mindfire’s analysts filter this data to eliminate the false positives and prioritise the genuine threats based on severity. Then through simulations, we will determine the appropriate response to reduce the impact of these threats. Once we deploy this response through a combination of human and machine resources, the threat is removed or rendered powerless. Thus, the affected endpoint is restored to its pre-compromised state.

Your network’s endpoints are its weakest links, which is why they’re the preferred entry point for cyber attackers. With 70% of all security breaches emerging from endpoints, securing them is your organisation’s best bet for longevity. Mindfire offers a full-spectrum MDR service featuring an experienced security team of analysts that will monitor, identify, mitigate, eliminate and remediate threats in all endpoints and across all layers of your network.

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