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What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)?

With each day passing, the volume and sophistication of cyber threats are increasing. Attackers need to succeed once, but cyber defenders must preserve a broad, ever-expanding threat surface 24x7. MDR (Managed Detection and Response) is a cybersecurity solution that combines technology and human expertise to secure your data and assets around the clock.

The technology component of the service is responsible for detecting and responding to threats, while the human element consists of a group of security researchers and engineers in charge of monitoring networks, investigating incidents, and responding to security issues. The key advantage of MDR is that it allows for the quick identification and mitigation of threats without needing extra personnel. Mindfire offers MDR services that allow your company to set up a complete 24x7 security operations centre (SOC) function for a fraction of the expense of constructing an in-house SOC. We help you detect, analyse, investigate, validate, and respond to threats with the proper combination of people, skills, procedures, and technology.

Why Your Business Needs Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

MDR tackles enormous problems that impede modern companies.

The most evident issue is a lack of cybersecurity among businesses. For big firms that can afford it, specialised security teams focused on hunting out dangers may be viable. Mid-sized and smaller businesses are frequently the targets of hacking attempts due to a lack of cybersecurity resources. But even if a company has the resources and ability to establish a security staff capable of dealing with all elements of threats, it should expect to spend months, if not years, developing a mature detection and response programme. In the meantime, the company remains vulnerable.

Therefore hiring an MDR service provider is essential. When threats or vulnerabilities develop, organisations may contact their provider's specialists, who will be familiar with the organisation's systems and can tailor their actions accordingly. Many attacks and vulnerabilities may only be addressed with information enhanced by all the impacted systems and infrastructures. Hence an MDR solution must enable visibility throughout an organisation's estate.

You can rapidly shorten the time to detect and respond to potential threats from an average of 280 days to as little as a few minutes. However, lowering detection time from months to minutes is not the only advantage.

Managed Detection and Response

Are you concerned about the security of your company data? Do you want to protect your sensitive data from harmful or destructive online attacks? Our Managed Detection and Response services can help. We will work with you to create a custom plan that meets your specific needs. From error detection to mitigation, we will ensure that your business is safe and secure.

Mindfire's 4-Step MDR Methodology

We understand how critical it is for your businesses to maintain an excellent online reputation, which is why we take data security seriously.

Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in all aspects of cyberspace law and security, allowing us to make informed decisions tailored to your evolving security needs. Below is a detailed description of how our MDR service works.

With our MDR assessment services, you can rebuild trust with customers, partners and employees who may have lost confidence in your security operations over prolonged periods.

Analysing Threats
After identifying possible malicious activities, we conduct a detailed analysis to determine if any match the signature of an existing threat or attack. If so, it will be classified and reported to relevant parties as needed.

Preliminary Detection
Mindfire begins detecting new threats by constantly scanning all global data to identify potential malicious activity.

Response Reporting
If a match is found, Mindfire notifies designated responders immediately to take action accordingly.

Continuous Monitoring and Mitigation
We will continue monitoring for any new threats and taking action to mitigate them as necessary.

What to expect from our MDR service?

As a Mindfire customer, you can be assured that we take our role as the go-to MDR security service very seriously.

We continuously improve our detection and response capabilities to provide the best possible protection for our customers.

Be more safe and aware.

Stop attacks sooner and more effectively with technology, internal and external threat information, forensic tools, and malware detection, leaving attackers nowhere to hide.

Redesign your workweek

Our professionals take the lead, allowing you to focus on other things (or just disconnect with peace of mind). Our sun-following coverage never sleeps, so you can always be sure your data is protected.

Expand and strengthen your resilience

From day one, we add Digital Forensic and Incident Response (DFIR) professionals and a team of seasoned threat analysts to your team.

Why choose Mindfire for MDR assessment?

Our MDR services have been designed from scratch to provide rapid, accurate detection and response capabilities.

We use industry-leading technology and skilled personnel to help you rapidly detect and respond to threats. Our MDR service includes:

  • Active defence to prevent attackers
  • Access to information on global threats
  • 24x7 monitoring from multiple worldwide SOCs
  • An online team of seasoned threat detection professionals
  • Manage firewalls as well as the security infrastructure
  • Technology that combines endpoint and network security
  • Proactive threat detection and management for hidden layers on networks

We understand that not everyone is comfortable dealing with cyber threats daily. Hence, our MDR services offer 24/7 support and automatic notification features should anything unexpected happen on your website. In addition, our experts will be available via phone or email should you have any additional questions or concerns related to your site's safety. So if you want to protect your business's valuable data from attackers, look no further than Mindfire. Think of us as your watch guard, keeping a constant lookout against tomorrow's threats.

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