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IoT has several benefits, and it’s no surprise that the projection of worldwide

As an individual, household or business, your internet of things (IoT) refers to the various computerised devices connected to your internet network. These devices are ever-evolving; they collect and share data, reducing your workload and increasing your daily activities’ efficiency, flexibility and productivity. IoT has several benefits, and it’s no surprise that the projection of worldwide IoT spending is expected to reach the trillion-dollar mark in 2022. Even with these benefits and its competitive advantage, like many things, there are risks to digitising everything. Granting your devices internet connectivity makes them susceptible to threat actors and cybercriminals who could use them to infiltrate and attack your network. Thus, instigating damages from intellectual property theft or compromise to data exfiltration and DDoS attacks, to name a few. IoT security or securing IoT devices should be a high priority for the individuals and businesses that use them. As UK’s premium cybersecurity company, Mindfire offers holistic security of all networks, endpoints and devices within your network. Our IoT security architecture is robust enough to mitigate the increasing IoT vulnerabilities of modern homes and businesses like yours.

What is IoT security?

Internet of things security is the dedicated practice of safeguarding your IoT devices and their corresponding data and workflows. It is a proactive security solution that protects your hub of internet-connected devices from threats, exploitation of inherent vulnerabilities and security breaches. It does this by monitoring, identifying and patching risks. IoT security is non-negotiable because securing the internet of things guarantees your IoT solution’s integrity, confidentiality and availability. The risks associated with an inexistent or ineffective IoT security solution are too dire to be borne by a company or individual. Hence, the preventive security measures offered by IoT security software solutions will transform your cybersecurity posture from reactive to proactive.

IoT Security Service

What security issues do IoT devices face?

There are several IoT security issues that your IoT devices are susceptible to. Some of these inherent issues include:

Unpatched firmware vulnerabilities

Unlike most sophisticated operating systems, IoT devices either do not have firmware securities in place or the firmware is rife with unpatched vulnerabilities. Without IoT security, your devices and workflow are at the mercy of the attacks targeted at these vulnerabilities.

Weak authentication

IoT devices come with their default usernames and passwords, which are anything but secure. If these easily-decipherable passwords are not changed and the device is left open to remote access, it becomes easy prey for bulk exploitation. Also, some models of IoT devices share the same credentials that cannot be reset, giving threat actors more leverage to guess the proper credentials and gain access to your network.

On-path attacks

IoT devices are vulnerable to on-path attacks. These attacks intercept communications between two or more parties that trust each other. For instance, a threat actor can easily hijack communications between an IoT security camera and its cloud server. This is because such devices do not have default encryption products embedded in their communication channels.

How Mindfire’s IoT security solutions fix these issues

If exploited, these vulnerabilities could pose threats to users of IoT devices and others. Mindfire’s complex IoT security solutions remediate these vulnerabilities and checkmate their exploitation by malicious actors by conducting the following activities:

Credential updates

By frequently updating the IoT device administrator’s default login and password credentials, Mindfire prevents credential-based attacks. We offer companies a password vault in which they can automatically safe-lock their updated credentials.

Firmware and software updates

IoT devices must be updated whenever the manufacturer issues a software update or vulnerability patch. This is because the concept of software updates eliminates vulnerabilities embedded in previous versions that threat actors could exploit. Also, to ensure IoT software security, Mindfire provides password protection and prevents IoT devices from initiating connections on their own.


From servers to networked devices and each other, IoT devices can make several types of connections. With each connection, there is an opportunity for exploitation. This is why authentication is necessary for each connected device. This way, inputs and requests from unauthorised devices are blocked.

While the IoT device manufacturer usually configures this type of authentication, Mindfire offers authentication products that will suffice.

Using encrypted protocols

Encrypting the communication between IoT devices will protect the transmitted data and its integrity. Mindfire uses protocols like HTTP, DNS extensions and SFTP to encrypt data transmissions over the internet. Mindfire's competitive advantage is that its encryption protocols integrate with its authentication products to prevent on-path attacks.

How Mindfire’s IoT security solution works

Due to the robust nature of IoT, IoT security needs to be comprehensive. Ideally, IoT security involves methods, strategies, techniques and tools that protect IoT devices like networked security cameras, smart watches, refrigerators, thermostats, personal computers, or their embedded information from compromise. It’s important to note that IoT device manufacturers often neglect security as they focus more on features and usability. Thus, IoT security can be challenging as many devices don’t have embedded security systems. Nevertheless, Mindfire’s IoT security architecture features comprehensive solutions to secure your internet-connected devices.

Mindfire’s IoT security solution uses a holistic security fabric approach. It is an integrated solution that delivers security, visibility and segmentation of every endpoint in the network infrastructure.

Mindfire’s IoT security solution has three capabilities:

Mindfire's IoT security solution is integrated with our network access control product. This way, we deliver the visibility, accessibility, control and response these devices need to become secure internet of things.


Our IoT security solutions come with authentication tools that learn and build risk profiles of each device, classifying them into their assigned groups. We achieve this with total network visibility.


Mindfire’s IoT security solutions offer insights into each IoT device’s attack surface and risk profiles. It then categorises these devices into policy-driven groups based on these risk profiles.


Mindfire’s IoT security solution safeguards your devices by surveilling, inspecting and enforcing policies enabled by the network segmentation. These activities are carried out at various points of the network infrastructure.

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