ICS/ OT/ SCADA Security Assessment Services

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ICS / OT / SCADA Security Assessment Services

ICS and SCADA networks are vastly affected by the convergence of operational technology & information technology.

Most modern industrial organisations use SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) networks to monitor and analyse data, control industrial processes, interact with devices, and log data for auditing or other purposes.

These industries cater to millions by chaperoning their essential commodities and services, such as water, natural gas, electricity, and transportation. In addition, SCADA networks are also used to improve the quality and efficiency of less essential real-world processes. On that account, SCADA is considered one of the most common industrial control systems (ICS) types.

ICS and SCADA networks are vastly affected by the convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). Like any other network, SCADA is vulnerable to the attacks of vicious cyber criminals if not secured adequately. These invasions of critical infrastructures such as power plants, factories manufacturing medical equipment or water treatment systems can threaten national security, cause financial loss, tarnish brand reputations or even result in loss of life.

Common SCADA & ICS Network Security Threats

Every business, organisation or federal government that works with the SCADA network is helpless to a security threat.

These threats can originate from any of the following:

ICS/ OT/ SCADA Security Assessment Services


Cybercriminals with malicious intent could quickly bring down a SCADA network to its knees. By gaining access to its components, these criminals can cause chaos in an organisation, ranging from disruption in services to cyber warfare.


Hackers intend to penetrate mainly with malicious purposes, but terrorists are looking to cause much more damage and mayhem to the critical systems of specific essential industries.


The company's internal workers are a relatively common reason for SCADA network issues. Either intentionally or unintentionally, an error could arise due to poor training and negligence.


These would include spyware, viruses or any other hostile programs that may not directly target SCADA networks but still are a large menace to the functioning of critical infrastructure.

Due to the importance of SCADA in crucial global industries and its treacherous vulnerability, specific steps are taken by companies like Mindfire to ensure its safety. We offer comprehensive ICS & SCADA Assessment Services to address the potential security challenges faced by your organisation.

ICS/ SCADA security assessment is different from other security checks

Here's how ICS/ SCADA security assessment is different from other security checks:

  • The tools used for testing embedded control devices such as programmable logic controllers differ from those used for testing workstations and Windows-based servers.
  • If a test goes wrong, the repercussions would be potentially more dangerous than on a regular corporate network.
  • Incompatibility issues are caused by devices manufactured by different or even the same manufacturer. Also, there are a vast number of conflicting control network protocols in use.

Due to these differences, security assessments require a more tailored approach and planning

Benefits of SCADA / ICS Security Assessment

SCADA and ICS are mostly forgotten while performing an organisation's risk management analysis.

Imagine a hacker or terrorist endangering lives by taking down the power of an emergency hospital or penetrating the system of air traffic controllers. A SCADA/ ICS assessment can resolve this by:

  • Eliminating exploitable codes associated with unnecessary services on control system servers and workstations.

  • Identifying vulnerabilities and reducing the exposed attack surface associated with them.

  • Annihilating the vulnerabilities from weak passwords or default accounts that provide opportunities for cybercriminals to enter the system.

  • Eradicating directory traversal attacks and any other common vulnerabilities.

Mindfire can help by providing an in-depth assessment of your electronic connecting equipment and workstation that uses a wireless or modem network communication technology.

Why choose Mindfire for ICS & SCADA security assessment services?

We aim to determine all possible vulnerabilities in an ICS environment. Our security experts conduct assessments on an agreed set of systems and components. This includes:

Mapping Out All The Current Systems:

We check every data entry and exit point to identify potential access paths for hacks and malware. Our experts document every piece of software, hardware, application and firmware associated with the SCADA network.

Monitoring And Detecting:

Attacks on SCADA networks exploit physical and cyber vulnerabilities. We ensure to align physical security with cyber security measures and construct a defensive security posture for SCADA networks.

Strengthening Network Security:

We create an action plan to strengthen security after identifying the weaknesses. We can adequately secure complex industrial systems with our well-thought-out combination of effective controls and security policies.

Hiring any security company without experience in ICS/ SCADA testing could potentially cause serious damage to your system. Our security experts have deep knowledge of cybersecurity and control systems in the Oil & Energy sector. We provide customised services to analyse your industrial processes and operational technologies, from field-level equipment to ERP systems.

Our security experts help you achieve regulatory compliance by aligning our efforts to OT-specific cybersecurity frameworks such as

  • NIST 800-82
  • ISO 27019
  • ISA/IEC 62443

By adhering to this approach, we ensure that your organisation acquires extensive guidance based on industry-leading practices. Our assessment services can help pinpoint and reduce any potential risk, including appropriate communication strategies with traditional IT.

Working Process

Mindfire’s step-by-step approach to ICS / SCADA Security Assessment

The earlier designed ICS Systems were built to meet reliability, performance, safety and flexibility requirements. They were isolated from outside networks; hence the need for cyber security measures never arose. The "air gap" no longer exists in today's real-time and virtually connected businesses. SCADA systems make susceptible prey for attackers around the world. With our security assessment services, you can fix the powerless cracks in your security network before a hacker exploits it.

As governments and industries are still strengthening their compliance regulation, it is worth a shot to give Mindfire the reins to protect your organisation's network security. Think of us as your virtual bodyguard that defends your business from deadly cyber attackers.


  • Define and Agree on the scope
  • Information Gathering
  • Enumeration
  • Attack & Penetration
  • Reporting
  • Discussion & Remediation

Our SCADA/ICS security assessment approach follows the CREST ICS Testing procedure and meets the NIST guidelines

Here is a brief inventory of Mindfire methodology:

  • Password cracking
  • Virus detection
  • Log reviews
  • Integrity checkers
  • Network & vulnerability scanning

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