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Governance Risk and Compliance Services

The challenges of global digitisation, changes in regulations and technological advancements like threat vulnerability affect the profitability and longevity of a business. Despite these challenges, investors still demand increased ROI, transparency and accountability from their affiliate companies.

To match stakeholder expectations, the governance of companies has resorted to making unethical business decisions which expose them to unprecedented risks and compliance issues. These unprecedented risks come from a vast and unpredictable landscape, and businesses cannot ignore them, regardless of their type. Thus, governance, risk management and compliance systems have become critical to businesses.

As a renowned cybersecurity company, Mindfire is aware of these risks and the need for businesses to find reliable ways to achieve their organisational goals, meet compliance metrics and eliminate the risk factor in their decision makings. This is why we offer GRC risk solutions as part of our compliance consulting services. With these solutions, businesses can drive regulatory compliance and strengthen their cybersecurity GRC programs.

What is governance, risk and compliance?

Governance, risk and compliance, abbreviated with the ‘GRC’ acronym, is an organisation’s strategy to achieve its business objectives, manage uncertainty, and act with integrity while adhering to industry and government regulations. GRC includes tools used to manage the interdependencies between:

  • Corporate governance policies.
  • Enterprise risk management programs
  • Company regulatory and compliance.
Governance Risk and Compliance Services

GRC processes aim to promote and instil good business practices into an organisation’s daily activities. These processes have become more robust and comprehensive to adapt to the increased complexity and damaging nature of risks, and they are rooted in the three main components of GRC:

This involves aligning processes to achieve the ethical management of an organisation in line with its business goals.

Risk management
involves processes that identify, categorise, and address the organisation’s risks that could hinder or enhance its operations.

This is the adherence of the enterprise to the set of pre-defined legal and regulatory best practices or standards mandated by the relevant governing bodies.

Organisations treated these components as separate entities

While organisations treated these components as separate entities in the past, the resulting redundancies made a unified and synthesised approach more attractive for its efficiency.

These redundancies were due to the overlap between the Governance, Risk and Compliance disciplines, as all three impact the same people, technologies and information. Thus, attempting to manage each discipline separately creates substantial duplication of tasks among other counterproductive objectives like:

  • Inadequate visibility into the complete risk landscape.
  • High cost of independent staffing.
  • Inability to assess and address the effects of third-party risks.
  • Difficulty measuring risk-mitigated performances.
  • Unnecessary complexity and negative surprises.

Businesses of all types and sizes can use governance, risk and compliance management. However, developing a GRC discipline should be prioritised by larger organisations as they usually have extensive GRC requirements.

How Mindfire’s GRC system works

Unlike companies with isolated applications or a single framework to surveil and enforce their procedures, Mindfire’s GRC system employs a unified approach. Mindfire’s GRC system uses technologies and software that seamlessly unites core processes and roles across components into an integrated package. In essence, we offer cross-functional collaboration across the departments that practice governance, risk management and compliance.

Mindfire’s GRC system utilises risk assessment and examination tools that identify the relationships between risks and business activities, controls and operations. Our GRC software provides a structured approach for companies to comply with legal and regulatory standards. This is because it helps them efficiently keep up with the regulations while staying ahead of compliance risks. Our GRC software also reduces human effort by automating routine tasks and workflows. It also creates an avenue for GRC data to be housed in one repository, and by so doing, it eliminates double work and data redundancy. With this data stored in a single repository, Mindfire’s GRC software reveals a clear GRC audit trail as it documents every modification.

Integrating Mindfire’s GRC software and other governance, risk and compliance technologies enables organisations to manage risks, reduce costs, achieve superb information quality, and reduce the risk impact on their network environment.

Mindfire’s GRC framework offering

Mindfire’s governance, risk and management team deploys effective strategies that will help you evaluate and strengthen the effectiveness of your GRC and cybersecurity programs. We do this while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Mindfire’s GRC system enables companies to make risk-aware decisions at all levels of the organisation. It arms stakeholders with accessible visibility into real-time data with which they can deliberate on before taking collaborative actions. We integrate GRC capabilities, processes and technologies across all components to ensure that:

  • The right people get the correct information at the right time.
  • The right objectives are established.
  • The right controls are established to act with integrity and address uncertainty.

This way, organisational success is attainable, and risk transforms from something to be feared, mitigated or avoided into a tool that can create value and elevate performance.

Why you need Mindfire’s GRC team

Your enterprise needs Mindfire’s GRC risk solutions to enhance its risk posture. It would help if you also had it to upgrade the efficiency of your business operations. Other reasons you need this service are rooted in the following:

Informed decision-making

By surveilling the company’s digital resources, establishing controls, and deploying frameworks, Mindfire's GRC arms businesses with the critical information they need to make data-driven decisions.

Effective planning

Mindfire's GRC solutions allow companies to access real insights into the working principles of their programs and how they impact each other and the company at large. Thus, it helps them see the big picture and design effective plans with which they can address issues before they escalate into damaging problems.

Improved cybersecurity

Mindfire's GRC approach creates an environment for the seamless establishment of data security measures. With the increased threat against cybersecurity, our GRC IT strategy ensures organisations’ compliance with data privacy regulations like GPDR. This way, your company guarantees the protection of its user and employee data.

Mindfire’s governance, risk and compliance service helps companies automate their compliance management. We help you govern, grow and scale your workloads in one repository, enabling you to make timely and informed decisions for your company’s benefit. Mindfire’s GRC service is the holistic solution for your business’s survival and longevity.

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