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Email is the most widely used medium of corporate communication. From creating brand awareness amongst customers to internal employee communications, email is a critical part of the business. However, as email communication becomes more widespread, hackers and cybercriminals have begun to target it to steal valuable data or obtain access to business networks. Hundreds of business emails are sent and received every day. With such a large number, it's easy to get caught up in a frenzy and overlook crucial email safety procedures. Emails with malicious attachments or links, especially from an unknown or unauthorised source, can easily lead to cyber-attacks. In fact, 65% of all email compromises occur as a result of malicious content found in the body of an email message. Another way hackers obtain essential information is by impersonating trustworthy colleagues or business partners. Even the most minor mistakes in not protecting your email contents can provide cybercriminals with an easy window to your company data. This will cost you not only money but also your reputation. That is why email security is essential. It's a virtual shield that comprises all the technology and policies needed to safeguard your inbox against cyberpunks. Many email services offer built-in security features, but organisations must take additional steps to protect themselves from cyber threats.

Common email security threats

There are some threats associated with emails, and you need to be aware of them if you want to keep your email account safe. Here are the most common ones:

Email security threats are rising, and it's hard to keep up. The hackers are becoming more innovative and intelligent, and there's no telling when they'll strike. Do not worry. Mindfire is here to help. We provide the latest in email security solutions so you can stay safe from the threats that are out there. Our technologies provide comprehensive protection against all attacks - from spyware to phishing schemes. We also offer 24/7 support, so you can always be sure that your data is safe and secure.

Email Security Solution


Phishing is a scam where someone tricks you into giving them your personal information. This could include your username, password, and other sensitive data. The goal of the cyber attacker is to gain access to your accounts and financial data to commit fraud or theft. Attackers typically try to pose as someone you know, making it easier for them to scam you or as a stranger and emotionally manipulate you.


Malware is a virus that damages or destroys data stored on a computing device. It can be attached directly to an email or spread to your computer via documents that are shared as attachments. Cyberattackers can acquire access to your company data after you click on or install one of these malware-infected files.

Accidental data loss

Email accounts can be easily compromised to access sensitive data. Besides using email to send data, these accounts are also utilised for accessing other online resources. Data loss is a serious concern as negligence can lead to sensitive and vital information in an email being sent to the wrong recipient.

Malicious links

Email accounts can be easily compromised to access sensitive data. Besides using email to send data, these accounts are also utilised for accessing other online resources. Data loss is a serious concern as negligence can lead to sensitive and vital information in an email being sent to the wrong recipient.

How Mindfire can protect your workforce's email content?

Mindfire's email security solutions are compatible with

Mindfire offers a powerful email security solution that can help protect your workforce's content from being accessed by malicious third-party actors. By hiring us, you can ensure that all the emails sent and received in your organisation are protected from potential data breaches and loss of confidential information. We provide:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google's G-Suite
  • Microsoft Exchange Email Services

Protection Against Inbound Threats

Mindfire is your first line of defence against every email in your company's inbox. We scan all incoming emails for malware, spam, phishing attacks, and other threats. Cyberpunks will wreak havoc on your organisation regardless of its size. Our inbound email security services do not discriminate based on the size of your organisation; we provide the same high level of security. We will help you eliminate over 99% spam without blocking valid messages.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Mindfire's data loss prevention services can help protect your organisation from accidental or malicious data breaches. Our DLP solution will help you monitor and control sensitive information from being leaked via email or other collaboration apps.

Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR)

Malicious malware is frequently embedded in Microsoft Office and PDF documents by malicious attackers. Our CDR-enabled email security services can deconstruct a file, extract harmful code from it, and reconstruct the disinfected file making it safe for use.

Anti-Phishing Protection

Our expert cybersecurity technology scans embedded URL's against an extensive threat database. Even after screening and classifying emails as secure, we do a click-time scan to validate URL reputations and identify any IP risk. This means that when you click a link, we double-check everything. By re-scanning your URLs, we can safeguard you if they are altered after our scan is finished.

Benefits of Mindfire's email protection services

By investing in Mindfire's email protection services, you can be confident that your email and online data are safe from attack. Our team of experts have years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, and we know how to protect your email from the most common threats. A few benefits of our email protection for businesses include:

Account Takeover Prevention

Email accounts are often used to access other corporate accounts. Our email security solutions aid in the prevention of account takeover assaults by hackers seeking to exploit vulnerable or compromised user credentials.

  • 24x7 threat protection
  • Recognising problematic user behaviour
  • Enhancing spam and phishing defences
  • Maintaining communication privacy
  • Blocking ransomware and other attacks
  • Options that are customisable to your needs

Invest in our email protection services to ensure your business stays in the black. Not only will this safeguard your email and online data, but it will also give you peace of mind when conducting business transactions. Contact us today and see how Mindfire's email protection services can keep you safe!

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