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DDoS Prevention and Simulation Solutions

Phishing, ransomware and DDoS attacks are a few expected repercussions of digital transformations in businesses. The war against cyber attackers is never-ending, and companies must suit up with their defence armour if continuity is their goal. Therefore, as a modern business owner, DDoS prevention solutions should be in your company’s arsenal. DDoS attacks are one of the most common and sophisticated attacks on a network environment. Malicious attackers instigate these attacks, and their impact can wreak havoc on the said organisation. From paralysing business operations to significant revenue losses, not to mention the hits in user experience, productivity and legal, the effects of DDoS attacks can be dire and escalate to the business’ closure. As a revered cybersecurity company, Mindfire has witnessed the exacerbated effects of DDoS attacks, which is why we’ve deployed DDoS prevention and simulation solutions to circumvent them. With these solutions, Mindfire can mirror the attack patterns of DDoS attacks to detect and mitigate the critical vulnerabilities in your network environment that makes it susceptible to DDoS attacks.

What are DDoS attacks?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial-of-Service, and such an attack makes a company’s network resources unavailable to its intended users. In essence, a DDoS attacker interrupts the services of an organisation’s hosting server.

A DDoS attack is globally distributed and launched from numerous compromised devices. It saturates a target site with malicious traffic, preventing legitimate users from accessing resources on the site.

DDoS attacks aim to rapidly consume an organisation’s internet-accessed resources so that it can no longer provide its services, therefore resulting in a reset. DDoS attacks could be ransomware, as the malicious actors could seek financial compensation (ransom) before they release the network’s resources.

DDoS Prevention and Simulation

DDoS attack actors usually target high-profile web servers

DDoS attack actors usually target high-profile web servers like banks, e-commerce sites, credit card gateways, etc. They are so common that according to reports, these malicious actors launched 2.9 million DDoS attacks only in the first quarter of 2021. 70% of the targeted companies were struck with ransom DDoS attacks, 36% of which agreed to pay the ransom, which isn’t usually advised. With these numbers, one can see the increased need for solutions that detect DDoS attacks or vulnerabilities that lead to the attacks before the malicious actors strike. While there are a handful of systems that could help mitigate DDoS attacks, only DDoS simulations offer a proactive approach to checkmating these attacks.

What is DDoS prevention and simulation?

A DDoS threat simulation is a preventive approach to dealing with DDoS attacks. This solution involves launching diverse DDoS attacks on a client’s network environment in a controlled fashion. DDoS attack simulations evaluate and gauge the network’s security posture, resiliency and vulnerability to these attacks. The chosen service provider can customise these simulations to align with your business’ security requirements and infrastructure. With DDoS attack simulations, organisations can analyse their cybersecurity strategies’ strengths or weaknesses as they measure up against actual DDoS attacks. These DDoS simulation solutions could replicate DDoS attacks in various combinations, enabling you to vet your organisation’s cyber defence against each combination. DDoS simulations help one identify and understand their network’s vulnerabilities from an attacker’s perspective. This way, it equips them with intelligence to stay a step ahead of the attacker as they can update their deployed mitigation systems to block future attacks.

DDoS simulation

Businesses with DDoS mitigation solutions may feel as if they’re protected from DDoS attacks. On the contrary, they’re not. Most DDoS attacks exploit these mitigation solutions’ limitations, bypassing them and deploying successful attacks. This is why enterprises relying solely on DDoS mitigation solutions have greater chances of dealing with DDoS attacks.

These mitigation solutions fail to detect and manage several types of DDoS attacks, including application layer attacks. Therefore, they leave the entire application layer at the mercy of attackers. In addition to this, DDoS mitigation solutions are corrective. This means that they do not halt the occurrence of an attack, but they reduce the impact of its damage. So, your organisation can deal with all the repercussions of a DDoS attack, like losing credibility, revenue and clientele, but the mitigation solution can only facilitate recovery in due time.

DDoS mitigation

On the other hand, DDoS simulation solutions like that offered by Mindfire CS, serve as preventive approaches to handling DDoS attacks. These solutions avert the actions of DDoS actors, preventing them from taking down your network. By deploying simulated DDoS attacks into your network, you can identify the vulnerable entry points within your network and receive vital intelligence with which you can adjust your network’s defence system. Nevertheless, DDoS simulation solutions heighten the resilience of the DDoS mitigation solution. Thus, security officers should use both solutions in unison for layered protection.

What Mindfire’s DDoS prevention and simulation solutions offer

Mindfire’s DDoS simulation service offers organisations insights into their network’s vulnerabilities from an attacker’s line of sight. Our proactive and offensive simulations prevent you from dealing with costly security attacks and breaches while protecting your network from DDoS threats. Mindfire achieves DDoS cybersecurity by performing automated, continuous and non-disruptive DDoS simulations with our advanced technology. Thus, we offer superior DDoS coverage with automated protection. Mindfire’s DDoS technology simulates over 100 attack vectors with public-facing IPs. This way, we grant real-time visibility into all DDoS-related vulnerabilities within your network without disrupting your business activities.

Our DDoS prevention and simulation service also includes the following:

  • The evaluation of your organisation’s response to DDoS attacks.
  • Internal and external threat simulations.
  • Phishing simulation strategies to gauge your employees’ security awareness.
  • Analyses, investigation and remediation campaigns to checkmate all types of DDoS attacks.
  • Monitoring of simulated traffic that’s downstream from the DDoS mitigation system.
  • Security readiness assessments and revelation of vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure.
  • Testing your organisation’s security solutions against real-life security breach scenarios.

Mindfire’s DDoS prevention and simulation solutions are comprehensive and updated to align with current industry trends. We are arming corporations with valuable intelligence with which they can checkmate all types of DDoS attacks once and for all.

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