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What is Compromise Assessment Service Providers

Mindfire, we look at past threats to understand their impact on your business.

Compromise assessment is a cybersecurity activity that aims to identify, analyse and eliminate present and potential compromises to your organisation’s network. At Mindfire, we look at past threats to understand their impact on your business. We also investigate ongoing compromises to prevent further disturbances and illicit penetrations.

Threat actors consistently improve their skills and may burrow into your systems over long periods without your knowledge. This gives them time to take advantage of insecurities and vulnerabilities within your security architecture. These undetected attacks bypass your security controls and create long-term infrastructural damage.

Every business needs compromise assessment services to evaluate core systems, applications and infrastructure to find compromise cases. This review includes an investigation into unauthorised access, backdoors, and breach events. You need to be confident that your organisation is not the victim of malware infiltration — either active or dormant.

Compromise Assessment Services

Benefits of compromise assessments

Benefits of compromise assessments

Proactive threat detection

Mindfire evaluates networks and systems of all sizes to identify past and current breaches. We use a proven compromise assessment methodology and detection and hunting techniques to gather attacker-focused threat intelligence. This proactive approach helps to prevent future breaches and discover persistent threats. It also gives us the chance to respond promptly and mitigate the negative consequences of a breach.

Evidence of due diligence

Cybersecurity compromise assessments assure investors and other stakeholders of the robustness of your organisation’s security hygiene. When you get positive feedback from incident response (IR) experts, you will be provided with a clean bill of health and show evidence of due diligence.


Optimised baseline

By conducting compromise tests on your IT assets and application, you can understand their current state to help you develop a baseline to detect future breaches.

Risk reduction

We work to identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and security gaps within your networks. This reduces the negative impact of security breaches and helps your IT teams respond quickly and effectively.

How - Steps of a Cybersecurity Compromise Assessment

Mindfire’s cybersecurity assessment team will usually follow the following steps when carrying out compromise assessment:

Identify assets affected by a cyber attack.

Mindfire's compromise assessment services use the information gathered in the previous step to identify the assets and applications affected by malware or damage resulting from a breach.

Network compromise assessement

We aim to find indicators of compromise using a thorough assessment of your networks, endpoints, servers and security log data. We access the security tools you already have installed, such as intrusion detection, prevention and other security information and event management (SIEM) tools. We also use additional detection tools to analyse your systems deeper.

Analyse the nature of the attack.

Compromise assessment experts need to determine the hacking process used by intruders. We analyse the attack, the method of operation, and the vulnerabilities used for intrusion and identify the attack's entry points and root causes.

Assess the impact of a cyberattack & assist in preparing an action plan.

Our security teams identify the financial and security implications of the attack on your company and the effects on sensitive data. We need to ascertain the severity of the consequences of an attack and the best way to remediate the breach and reduce any negative impact.

Advise & prepare a final report.

We provide advice to your internal IT teams along with a compromise assessment report proving details of the nature of the breach and the systems that are affected. We also provide damage control methods and the steps we take to patch up the weak points and vulnerabilities that allowed the attack to occur. The final step Mindfire takes is to offer recommendations on preventing any future malicious activities.

Why - Protect Against Consequences

Why Mindfire’s Protect Against Consequences

A security breach is one of the biggest threats to companies of all sizes and can have numerous negative consequences. Here are just some of the ways an intrusion can affect your organisation.

Negative reputational impact

One of the worst long-term effects resulting from a security breach is the loss of stakeholder confidence. This affects your reputation and could ultimately lead to a lower valuation of your business.

Financial implications

In addition to losing sensitive data, you may face fines based on legislation and industry regulations based on your regulatory environment. You will also have to pay containment and remediation costs to restore your assets to their original security posture. There is also the possibility of direct incident costs involved with investigations, containment and recovery of breached data.

Loss of sensitive data

They can be used for order processing, payment confirmation, data collection, and other tasks. As a result, APIs are essential for big businesses selling online and new enterprises.

They can be used for order processing, payment confirmation, data collection, and other tasks. As a result, APIs are essential for big businesses selling online and new enterprises.

  • Personal identity information including contact information, social security numbers and birth dates.
  • Medical records with details regarding treatment plans, health conditions and private medical records.
  • Security data can include lists of user names, passwords, security strategies and details about your network structure.
  • Legal documents contain sensitive company information regarding court cases and business practices such as mergers and acquisitions.
  • Intellectual information includes software designs and product designs, and marketing information that your business has developed.
  • Valuable financial data such as bank account details and credit card numbers can be misused to commit fraud.

Indicators of Compromise

Mindfire’s cybersecurity professionals are trained to recognise and diagnose security threats using relevant enterprise compromise assessment tools. Security experts use different indicators of compromise (IOC) to examine the after-effects of a compromise.

There are numerous types of IOCs, and the most common ones include:

Outbound network traffic activity needs to be monitored to identify potential issues. This traffic from your organisation’s network is relatively easy to monitor. By working together with your internal tech teams, Mindfire compromise assessment services can help determine the source of irregular traffic and take immediate action.

Unusual privileged user account activity is dangerous as it indicates a user is trying to escalate their privileges. This could give them access to sensitive areas of your network and potentially cause significant damage.

Increased database read volume can result from hackers' attempts to gather and extract your company information. Another sign of exfiltration is a much larger HTML response as the hacker transmits data to themselves.

Illicit login red flags occur when a legitimate user tries to log into your system numerous times. Another IOC is attempted log-ins with non-existent user accounts as an attacker looks for access into your network.

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