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Cloud Security Risk Assessment Services

Cloud software has quickly become a crucial element of the digital infrastructure of every well-known tech business.

The cloud is now widely used by organisations to safely store sensitive data. As a result, it became an appealing target for cybercriminals. Since more attacks are happening on this business element and companies still use it as effective storage, it is vital to choose the best security measures to protect your cloud infrastructure. And the method that has been shown to be most efficient is cloud security risk assessment performed by experienced cyber security service providers like Mindfire.

Micominders experts have years of experience in cloud security assessment, and they can help you in the effective implementation of security controls for cloud-based solutions. By providing high-quality test and audit services, we can evaluate the efficiency of your cyber security controls and help boost the security of your cloud storage. The methods we use are based on practice-proven and data-driven techniques, and our team always follows strict guidelines and industry standards to provide the highest level of service.

In order to guarantee the best results each time, we use cloud security best practices combined with automated testing tools and manual methods to define weak spots and vulnerabilities that may present a danger to your cloud platform. We help you identify the most common and specific issues in your cloud security infrastructure to help protect your business needs and market position in the long term.

Why Mindfire

Mindfire's Cloud Security Assessment Focuses on the Following Areas

Cloud Security Assessment Services

Overall security posture
We perform interviews and review the exciting documentation to evaluate the security of your organisation's cloud infrastructure.

Access management
We check and change the entire access management system, such as user accounts, roles, and key management practices.

Network security
We review segmentation and firewall policies to identify common misconfigurations.

Incident policies
We check the exciting incident response policy related to the cloud system, looking for roles and processes involved in a case of an incident.

Storage protection
We check the storage protection of cloud infrastructure, including object-level storage, block-level storage, as well as related snapshots.

Platform services protection
We review the security configuration of advanced service offerings related to every cloud provider.

Workload security
We check the protection of workloads, reviewing virtualised servers, server-hosted containers, and serverless workloads.


What Mindfire Offers

Continuous Security Monitoring

Our best practices for cloud security can strengthen the protection of your public clouds by identifying weaknesses and threats caused by misconfigurations, unauthorised access, and non-standard deployments. These services also automate security monitoring following strict industry standards, regulatory mandates, as well as best technologies to prevent costly issues, including leaky storage buckets, unrestricted security groups and expired keys.

Insights and Threat Prioritisation

The flexible nature of cloud solutions makes it hard for companies to prioritise threats. Using our well-established methods, we offer the entire view of cloud assets' security posture, including cloud host vulnerabilities, compliance requirements as well as threat insights, allowing a business to easily prioritise remediation.

Estimation of Infrastructure

Mindfire's cybersecurity professionals analyse your company's templates to identify security misconfigurations of resources for used public clouds. This estimation can be done throughout the working process and right before deployment. Our DevOps engineers can also enter the process earlier in the development cycle, which will significantly reduce security risk post-deployment.

Check Security Posture

Our cloud security risk assessment services help businesses check and view an ‘at-a-glance’ comprehensive picture of their cloud inventory posture and the locations of the assets and see the overall picture of the public cloud security posture of all assets and resources.


Of Using Cloud Assessment Services

Identify Relevant Threats

Identify the most common threats that affect your specific cloud architecture.

Comprehensive Recommendations

Get easy-to-follow guidance to improve commonly exploited cloud architecture misconfigurations.

Boost In-House Team Skills

Hire Mindfire cybersecurity experts to boost your team's knowledge and skills to handle every stage of the attack lifecycle.

Recommendations On Improvements

Receive a cloud security assessment checklist to further improve your cloud server security.

Focused Guidelines

Get focused techniques to better protect your attack surface from common hacking methods in several core areas.

Custom Solutions Based On Your Needs

We tailor our services to ensure that they suit your budget and security program objectives best.

Why You Need Cloud Security Assessment?

When trying to effectively protect your cloud solutions.

It is vital to know that these practices should always be focused on the entire organisation instead of one area. This is because when you use the latest cybersecurity measures, they will affect several key areas of your business. So if you need cloud security assessment services, it is best to protect your data as a collective rather than focusing on a specific area.


Why Your Business Needs Mindfire’s Cyber Security Assessment Services

  1. You are planning to move some operations and storage to the cloud and want to know all potential risks first.
  2. You've just moved to the cloud, and you want to make sure that your data is protected from potential hacker attacks.
  3. You have moved to the cloud successfully and enjoy its benefits. But you are afraid of attacks happening on your business, so you want to protect your cloud from threats.
  4. You need an expert opinion on weak spots in your cloud infrastructure to prevent threats.
  5. Your team doesn't have the required skills to prevent and handle cyber attacks.
  6. You want to always take the best measures to protect your business against cyber criminals.

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