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Is your private cloud fully modernized?

Private cloud managed services from Mindfire enables your cloud strategy and builds a strong foundation for your hybrid cloud environment. Our solutions help you modernize and manage your IT with the efficiency of cloud and the performance, compliance, and security of a private infrastructure. With services ranging from consultation to building and managing your own infrastructure to fully-managed platform as a service (PaaS) in an OpEx model, Mindfire Private Cloud Services can support all your needs.

Mindfire Private Cloud IaaS/PaaS

Modernize your on-premises infrastructure with fast and secured single-tenant private cloud, with the convenience of monthly billing for only the infrastructure you use.

Mindfire Distributed Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack

Quickly deploy an Azure Stack HCI cluster in as small as a 1-node footprint. Realize the full potential of Azure Stack HCI with design, build, and management of HCI clusters with Azure Arc.

Managed Services for Container Platforms

Simplify management of your containerized workloads in any client environment with a pay-as-you-go model.


Many industries can benefit from the improved performance, security and compliance of a managed private cloud

Financial Services

“Learn why says Mindfire Private Cloud provides secure and compliant modernization for Financial Services.


“Learn why thinks Mindfire Private Cloud helps healthcare organizations who are seeking a path to digital health​.”

Public Sector

“Learn why thinks Mindfire Private Cloud can help the public sector modernize existing IT systems and operations​


A new distributed computing paradigm

“Explore how a distributed cloud architecture can help organizations reap the benefits of a multicloud operating model without its complexity.

Simplify your IT with private cloud

“Gain the benefits of public cloud such as scalability and security with Mindfire Managed Private Cloud.

Distributed cloud at the edge

“In this episode of The Progress Report, hear how distributed cloud fuels innovative industry use cases and creates a newly empowered edge primed to deliver transformative value through new revenue streams or business models.

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