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CISO as a Service

CISO as a service is an essential solution that can elevate your enterprise’s cybersecurity posture and compliance demands. The digital transformation of modern business environments increases the vulnerability and surface area of network attacks. Malicious codes, phishing, ransomware, and other pervasive attacks are expected repercussions of network digitisation. With this increased vulnerability, the quantity and complexity of cyber-attacks have escalated. Thus, cybersecurity has become more crucial now than ever.

Businesses and corporations need robust cybersecurity programs to uphold their security initiatives. They require specialised teams of industry experts to train, provide compliance, secure, minimise risks, and manage resources. In essence, they require chief information security officers (CISO).

Cyber security solutions are often pricey

Cyber security solutions are often pricey, and some startups cannot afford to hire a specialised team of chief information security officers full-time. As a silver lining, CISO as a Service provides these businesses with on-demand access to cybersecurity specialists to manage their security systems remotely.

As a renowned cybersecurity solution provider in the UK, Mindfire CS is an affordable CISO as a Service vendor that can help update your business’ cybersecurity posture, keeping it in sync with industry trends and technological advancements.

CISO as a Service

What is CISO as a Service?

CISO (chief information security officer) as a Service, also called virtual CISO (vCISO), involves cyber security outsourcing. Here, the responsibilities of a chief information security officer and information security leader are outsourced to a third-party service provider or vendor. This CISOaaS cybersecurity vendor selects the top talent from a vast pool of experts and information security leaders with a wealth of experience and invaluable expertise in designing and managing holistic security solutions in an enterprise.

While it’s often paid for on a subscription or as-needed basis, CISO as a service offers a fine blend of practicality and efficiency. By outsourcing or delegating its technical and administrative cybersecurity needs to a third party, an organisation can access the skilled labour and resources it’s void of. Thus, potentially ending their staffing woes and security inadequacies. Such organisations can inadvertently optimise their cybersecurity posture and compliance demands with these resources.

CISO as a service, CISOaaS, could be deployed remotely, on-site or hybrid, depending on the organisation’s needs and the experts’ preferences.

Roles of a vCISO

A virtual chief information security officer’s roles are primarily synonymous with that of an in-house CISO. The primary difference between both is the mode of deployment. Nevertheless, the roles of virtual chief information security officers include the following:

Creating a robust cybersecurity plan

A vCISO’s primary duty is to guarantee a fortified network for the organisation. Doing this would involve creating a robust cybersecurity roadmap or plan. Such a plan should be long-term (three years at least) and include best practices and tested tactics that promise to improve or maintain security while complying with industry standards.

Risk assessment and management

A virtual chief information security officer should create solutions where actual risks and vulnerabilities are assessed, mitigated, managed, and eliminated. Thus, such officers should possess the necessary expertise to identify, analyse and control the emergence of risks, vulnerabilities, or threats in the organisation’s network.

Information security leadership and guidance

The vCISO should spearhead and monitor all information security strategies and programs. As the information security leader of your organisation, such an officer is responsible for the efficiency or compatibility of said strategy with your business. Thus, routine surveillance and assessment are expected of the vCISO.

Robust reporting on security operations

After spearheading all cybersecurity strategies, the CISO as a Service should offer detailed reports on the performance of each deployed strategy. Such an officer should also deliver executive reports into the insights of recovered or remediated threats and vulnerabilities within the organisation’s network to the C-suite.

Some other roles of a vCISO are rooted in the following:

  • Identity and access management
  • Security testing
  • Threat monitoring
  • Security training and awareness
  • Security compliance management
  • Establishing a backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Personnel management and vendor relationships

The role of a vCISO is multidimensional and immersive. It’s subject to accountability from several pillars of the enterprise. A virtual chief information security officer possesses the technical expertise and a strategic outlook necessary for making cybersecurity-related business decisions. Hence, such an officer is capable of improving an organisation’s security posture.

Why you need CISO

For several reasons, your organisation needs Mindfire’s CISO as a Service offering. A few of them include the following:

Robust security

Digital transformations have increased network vulnerabilities, and it’s in your organisation’s best interest for its security to be constantly updated to meet digital trends. The robust security strategies and advice proffered by Mindfire's vCISO would fortify your digital network, guaranteeing your business’s continuity and longevity.

Quality on-demand service

Mindfire's CISOaaS offering grants companies holistic information security services from high-quality security experts with extensive experience and seasoned expertise. These experts have worked with leading companies in diverse niches and can offer premium quality information security services.


Mindfire's vCISO services are an affordable yet rewarding alternative to an in-house CISO. The on-demand deployment allows for pay-as-you-go pricing, enabling organisations to save on their capital expenditure by only paying for their required time and services. Thus, your company can acquire high-level security from industry experts without the cost of an in-house CISO.


Mindfire's CISOaaS complies with technical security standards like ISO 2700x, COBIT, NIST, etc. With this CISOaaS, Mindfire guarantees that your organisation meets compliance standards. This includes industry regulations like GPDR, SOX, Domestic Privacy Protection Regulations, etc.

What Mindfire offers as part of CISO as a Service

Mindfire’s vCISO services comprehensively solve one’s information security problems. We permit diverse companies to leverage this holistic cybersecurity solution. These companies could be startups that cannot afford the exorbitant cost of an in-house chief information security officer but prioritise compliance objectives. They could be those looking to end their concerns for the safety and confidentiality of their data and assets.

Nevertheless, Mindfire’s CISOaaS solution enables companies in all niches to take advantage of the vast pool of industry experts and experienced information security practitioners that will add leadership, commitment, and value to the information security system of any organisation. With access to these cybersecurity leaders, such companies can delegate the associated workload and be guaranteed efficiency, data security, longevity, and continuity.

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