Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consulting

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Business Continuity and Crisis Management Service

The Truly Value of An Enterprise Depends On Its Ability to Deal With Crisis

The business operation environment is more and more complex. Enterprise faces the challenge from climate change, regulation compliance, globalized supply chain operation risk, etc. The aim of this service is to help corporate to build business continuity and crisis management ability based on best practice, and maintain its competitiveness and brand during crisis.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consulting


Service Introduction

Peter Drucker pointed out that “the first task of management is to make sure of its structure strength and soundness of its capacity to survive the blow, to adapt the sudden changes and to avail itself of the new opportunities. “ Therefore the capability to management crisis will decide the advantage enterprise in today’s market.

Supply Chain Risk Management Service

In the globalize business environment, the disruption in any point of supply chain will affect the providing of service or product. Deloitte assist client to assess the risk of supply chain, and design the strategy and mechanism to manage those risks.

Crisis Management Training and Simulation Exercise

When crisis happened, a lot of urgent issues need to response, like media, client’s compliant, legal issue..etc. In order to help client to know those critical issues during crisis, Deloitte develop the simulation scenario, assists client to experience and exercise the whole crisis management process.

Business Continuity Management(BCM) Consulting Service

In order to effectively deal with the damage and timely recover the service during crisis, how to be resilient has become an critical issue for enterprise. Deloitte assists client to build business continuity management system (BCMS) to enforce its recovery ability based on the international standard of BCM, ISO 22301, and help client to get certified with this standard.

IT Disaster Recovery Consulting Service

IT plays an important role in business operation nowadays. Deloitte assists client to plan the IT recovery strategy from management to technical layer with experienced IT experts. We provide risk assessment of data center, the information system, network, and design IT disaster recovery strategy.

The Advantage of Mindfire

  • Mindfire provide service with certified experts, which form the largest team in Taiwan
  • Mindfire help client to get first certification of ISO 22301 in Greater China, and has rich BCMS implementation and successfully certification experience.
  • With rich experience in different industry, our advisories are based on the characteristic of industry and related regulation.
  • Our team is formed with specialists in business operation, IT and risk management with global practice.

Service Items

  • Business Continuity Management(BCM) Consulting Service
  • IT Disaster Recovery Consulting Service
  • Supply Chain Risk Management Service
  • Crisis Management Training and Simulation Exercise

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