Breach and Attack Simulation Services

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Breach and Attack Simulation Services

Enterprises in the digital space are responsible for evolving with the dynamic threats, their attack patterns and TTPs to guarantee their continuity. This constant evolution to mitigate attacks is not an easy task, especially with the large attack surface area that modern corporations have today.

As a business owner in this digital climate, cybersecurity foresight is priceless. Gaining visibility into the dynamic nature of your digital environment in the fight against vulnerabilities can only benefit your enterprise. This is because you can design and test cybersecurity strategies within the said environment to determine the most effective. You can also gain valuable threat intelligence, including the tactics, techniques, procedures (TTPs) and behaviours of the ever-evolving threat actors and vulnerabilities.

Breach and Attack Simulation Services

Companies can optimise their security controls

With such intel, companies can optimise their security controls across the entire network, creating comprehensive, automated and proactive cybersecurity solutions that render the network impenetrable. A foolproof method of testing the efficacy of cybersecurity operations involves running breach and attack simulations within your enterprise’s digital environment. These simulations assess and optimise your enterprise’s security architecture, including all endpoints and their response to breaches, attacks and threat evolutions. Thus, they provide valuable insights with which said companies can improve their cybersecurity posture.

With Mindfire’s breach and attack simulation solutions, your enterprise’s network can remain fortified while its security posture improves.

What’s BAS?

BAS stands for Breach and Attack Simulation. It is an advanced cybersecurity testing method

It is an advanced cybersecurity testing method that mimics insider threats, lateral movements, endpoint malware attacks, data exfiltration and the full attack cycle against the organisation’s network infrastructure. These simulations aim to identify and checkmate the vulnerabilities within the network environment by mirroring the attack paths, behaviours and techniques of threat actors.

With this definition, it’s no surprise that BAS solutions are often conflated with penetration tests. However, Mindfire’s breach and attack simulations are automated and continuous as they improve upon the limitations of red and blue team testing. These BAS tools automate cybersecurity defence mechanisms while proffering valuable insights.

What Mindfire’s Breach and Attack Simulation Solution Offers

Mindfire CS offers BAS solutions and automated expert purple teaming services. Our BAS tools have validation and optimisation requests for email and web application gateways and firewalls. They also validate against data exfiltration and APT attack scenarios. With the intel recovered from these activities, we empower enterprises so they can transform their cybersecurity mechanism.

How Breach and Attack Simulation works

Mindfire’s SaaS-based breach and attack simulation solutions use the deep knowledge of the industry

Use the deep knowledge of the industry alongside market research and geographical factors as intelligence for crafting trackable simulations. These simulations help you identify your security mechanism’s response against likely threats and vulnerabilities throughout the kill chain. After this, we’ll help you design the most efficient steps for your security team. Our breach and attack simulation approach includes the following:

Attack simulation

Mindfire puts threat intelligence and the MITRE ATT&CK framework into use by launching end-to-end campaigns and attack techniques for continuous purple teaming. We launch many attack scenarios and continuously assess, challenge, and optimise your enterprise’s security controls across the cyber kill chain.

Vulnerability intel

Mindfire's BAS solution involves vulnerability intelligence as it allows companies to gain visibility into their attack surface area. Once the attack simulation is complete, companies can identify their security exposure and vulnerabilities and assess security gaps. As a competitive advantage, Mindfire goes ahead to measure and track the security performance of your network and relinquishes a risk-based score.


Mindfire doesn’t just simulate security breaches and attacks, our BAS approach prioritises remediation of exploitable vulnerabilities with actionable insights. These insights offer prescriptable guidance with which businesses can design plans and devote resources based on the vulnerability level. Thus, our BAS solution equips businesses with a vantage point with which they are favoured to win the war against cyber threat actors.

Why You Need Mindfire’s BAS Security

As a business owner today, the odds are already against you. The vast nature of one’s digital attack surface area, coupled with the evolving techniques of threat actors, makes security breaches and attacks almost inevitable within a network environment, especially with archaic cybersecurity measures.

Mindfire’s breach and attack simulations help businesses identify the hidden network vulnerabilities within their digital infrastructure and design strategies to remediate them. These simulations mirror the most current patterns of real threat attacks and help your business fortify its resources better. Therefore, it’s like having a cheat sheet with your opponent’s strategy during a battle. Mindfire’s breach and attack simulations are constantly updated to mimic dynamic threat behaviours. These simulations run 24/7 and 365 days a year to ensure that businesses constantly maintain advanced visibility into their defence mechanism and readiness. Our breach simulations deploy automatic tests and continuous network environment monitoring.

Mindfire’s BAS solutions to enhance your business’s security posture.

Using Mindfire’s BAS solutions prevents human errors associated with manual testing, influencing its outcome. These automated breach simulations remove the error variable while increasing vulnerability identification efficiency and lowering costs. It would be best if you had Mindfire’s BAS solutions to enhance your business’s security posture. By probing for vulnerabilities and monitoring your infrastructure’s response to the attack simulations, you can design security strategies that preempt cyber attacks. Thus transforming your business’ security posture from reactive to proactive.

Mindfire’s continuous and automated BAS testing is the most effective way to mitigate cyber risks and vulnerabilities. Threat attackers can defeat security setups with time. Therefore, by refreshing the simulations throughout the year, Mindfire helps your business stay on top of exploitable vulnerabilities and threat actors’ tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). As one of the Middle East leading cybersecurity companies, Mindfire has earned a coveted reputation. With comprehensive cybersecurity solutions like breach and attack simulations, Mindfire continuously fortifies all endpoints of your network infrastructure from threats, vulnerabilities and malicious actors.

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