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Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

The manifestation of technical difficulties or data loss in an enterprise is expected with the mass adoption of computing devices and environments. Hardware fails, age, ransomware attacks, human error, natural disasters or security breaches could instigate these technical damages and data loss. While preventive measures might do little to checkmate the occurrence of this unplanned downtime, failsafes like backup and disaster recovery significantly reduce its impact on the enterprise. As one of the UK’s finest cybersecurity companies, one of Mindfire’s specialities is data backup and disaster recovery. Therefore, we are fully committed to designing comprehensive foolproof disaster recovery backups for your enterprise.

What is data backup and recovery?

Data backup and disaster recovery are often conflated or used interchangeably. However, each involves different practices and deployment technologies, so differentiating them is critical when developing comprehensive strategies. Data backup involves replicating or creating multiple copies of data and storing them in a location different from the source. This is done to restore and protect sensitive data in the event of accidental deletion, database corruption, security breach or technical catastrophe. Data backups come in several forms, from creating alternate storage means and remote data centres like the Cloud to host the duplicated data to creating copies to store in secondary storage arrays. On the other hand, Disaster Recovery is the complete process involving strategies tailored towards retrieving lost or damaged data to its original state. Effective Disaster Recovery operations safeguard and restore data during downtime or outage. It reestablishes access to files, applications, IT resources, etc. Such operations could involve creating a redundant storage system as a secondary location to host all sensitive resources the enterprise needs to function. It could also involve switching from your primary data centre when it’s down to another server until the primary location is functional again.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup Vs Disaster Recovery

Data backup and disaster recovery aren’t the same. While backup is part of a disaster recovery operation, it’s not its entirety. This is because simply having copies of files during a service disruption doesn’t keep your organisation running. Hence, in addition to data backups, disaster recovery involves providing a way to quickly identify and efficiently restore backed-up data to the correct location. Data backup and recovery are usually present in an effective business continuity plan. Choosing between either might leave your business environment vulnerable and inoperable in the event of a security breach. Therefore, both services are complementary and should always be used in unison.

Why you need backup and disaster recovery

For many reasons, your organisation needs a robust and tested backup and disaster recovery plan like that which Mindfire CS offers. Some of them include the following:

Uninterrupted productivity

Without a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan, your employees will remain idle during a technical downtime, as they cannot complete activities that rely on the affected resources. Thus, limiting their productivity and overall output. Backup and disaster recovery restores your enterprise’s sensitive data, safeguarding your employees’ productivity.

Risk elimination

Businesses could incur several risks with an inexistent or mediocre backup and disaster recovery plan. Depending on the recovery time, i.e. the time it takes for your business to come back online, these risks could run from mass employee turnover to loss of customers, causing a domino effect of legal battles, financial losses, etc. With a robust backup disaster recovery system, these risks are eliminated.

Financial loss mitigation

Information technology downtimes are very costly. Gartner estimates businesses could lose anywhere from £260,000 to £540,000 an hour. The exact figure depends on several factors like the type of business, as e-commerce enterprises are scheduled to lose more than other businesses. Nevertheless, having an intricate backup disaster recovery system would mitigate these financial losses. Financially, it would be like the downtime never occurred.

Business Reputation

As much as downtimes are expected in the digital era, an inexistent backup disaster recovery strategy will affect more than just your company’s productivity, as it will taint its reputation as well. Your enterprise could go from being a credible business to one that clients are sceptical of associating with.

What Mindfire’s Backup and Disaster Recovery offers

Depending on the preference of your business, Mindfire CS could design either full, differential, incremental or mirror backup types. We would advise you on the perks of each and their downsides to enabling you to make informed decisions. Our disaster recovery plan securely synchronises all business data to different network environments - virtual, on-premises, physical, and Cloud. Mindfire’s foolproof backup and disaster recovery solutions will nullify the impact of your next business-related disaster. With our robust network security solutions, your backed-up resources will remain impenetrable regardless of location, giving you holistic security.

Virtual backup and disaster recovery

Mindfire’s backup and disaster recovery creates a replication of your work resources and runs it in a virtual environment. With our Continuous Replication feature, these backed-up resources and VM workloads are automatically updated and regularly copied off-site. This disaster recovery type offers flexibility and helps your enterprise attain its recovery time objective.

On-premises backup and disaster recovery

Mindfire's on-premises backup and disaster recovery offerings are hosted on-site. Here, sensitive information is retained or backed up on-premises. However, our on-premises disaster recovery plan doesn’t solely rely on the on-premises environment. Mindfire employs a secondary site to host sensitive data that businesses can easily retrieve.

Physical backup and disaster recovery

Mindfire’s physical backup and disaster recovery involve traditional outlets like magnetic tape storage. This is a reliable and cost-effective option as it stores large amounts of sensitive data, giving you a handy duplicate of your most essential information. However, our physical disaster recovery plan doesn’t involve this magnetic tape, as that would lengthen the recovery time.

Cloud backup and disaster recovery

Mindfire's Cloud backup and disaster recovery strategy backs up business resources and data in the Cloud. This strategy can accommodate businesses with cloud-based or on-premises network environments. Our hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery approach allows businesses to keep working in their preferred production environment but store their replicated data in the Cloud. Thus, giving you cloud-based advantages like scalability and security without moving your work environment.

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